99 Cobra Exhaust Set-Up

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by BlackenedSVT, Aug 8, 2004.

  1. I was wondering what kind of exhaust you guys are running on your 99-01 Cobras. I currently have a Mac-H (cats) and Flowmaster on my 98 GT and it sounds nice. But i kind of what a little louder sound for a cobra i am about to buy.

    I have 90% decided on a Magnaflow X-pipe with cats (for NJ laws :rolleyes:), and for the cat-back im debating on either more Flowmaster, or SLP "Loudmouths".

    Do any of you guys have SLP? Any pics or soundclips of SLP would be helpful. I know SLP advertises 3.5" exhaust tips...is that TOO huge? It sounds WAY to big. Will 3.5" exhaust even fit on the stock bumper? how about aftermarket bumpers?

    Also, does SLP have 3.5" wide exhaust pipes or exhaust tips? Pics of 3" or 3.5" exhaust would be helpful, especially if its SLP. Thanks a lot guys.

    Oh and one more thing :D know good places to buy from?

    I hear a lot of rumors of the flowmaster mufflers making less hp than stock. What is up with this? I really want to get SLP, but hear magnaflow has the best flow for hp rating. What is the best exhaust for flow, forget sound. I'm hoping your answer is SLP, but i like the magnaflow magnapacks too :)
  2. I would recomend magnaflow all the way back, mac has a sweet set up if you include the prochamber with cats then its legal and 3.5 inch chrome tips, SLP , spintech good exhaust too. :shrug: :nice: :D :nice:

  3. See sig. :cheers: Go with whatever sound you prefer though, listen to a few different combos in person if you can...
  4. Custom bent 2.5" side exit straight pipes with off-road X serve me pretty well :D

    If you like it loud, mufflers just add weight :p

    But I have heard MAC 3" is one of the best cat backs you can get.


  5. Hey, any chance you could post some pics of your side exit exhaust?

  6. Look at my sig file and you can see what I have.

    Gives a good, deep, muscle car sound.
  7. I did this whole research thing in here back in April.. What a headache I got..

    My decision was a Magnaflow Cat Back. I don't regret it.

    The local stang club I'm in also had alot of members buying MAGNAFLOW.. So I went with a Magnaflow system based on what I've seen on the dyno in the club over other systems people use .. I feel I made the right decision for noise level as well.. But if you want more noise than choose the MagnaPACK mufflers with the system. (I might swap out tho magnaPack eventually).

    Also, Look around the web for a group buy if available.. I got my system at an incredible discount from here on SN .. I believe the company was this one


    Always ask about Stangnet discounts ?? Couldn't hurt..