99 cobra upgrade questions

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  1. I am new to this forum stuff guys. If I screw up please let me know..I hope I can find the forum again if I leave the site.. I just purchased a 99 Cobra & have some upgrade questions..The car seems perfect. Has 27,000 one owner miles & I drove it home from L.A. Calif to Seattle, Wa. . I want to upgrade the exhaust for both a louder sound and more H.P if possible. I do not want headers but will change anything back of stock exhaust manifold. Also have read a little about cold air induction systems. I do not want to mess up the emissions & do not want the "check engine light" problems that I have read about. Any advise will be appreciated..The Cobra has 3.73 gears if that makes a difference. I have been in to Mopar Muscle cars for quite awhile so the newer Ford stuff is going to take some getting used to..
  2. I would say on the exhaust, if you want it loud go off road h, or(x) depending on muffler. I'm partial to flowmaster, and alot of us have their systems, which is the typical offroad mustang sound. a straight through muffler might have a little better gains, but most that I have heard, sound like glasspacks. personal opinion only. to keep the cel light off, you will need mil elims. and as far as cold air, unless you mess with your mass air sensor, you should be ok. Good luck and ask away, chris :cheers:
  3. I would go this route,
    JLT ram air intake
    Bassani X
    Bassani cat back

    But none the less, you cant go wrong with many other brands out there. You can still be loud as well with a catted h or x pipe, because they will only have 2 cats vs 4 I believe. take note, you may not be able to install a strut tower brace after you put a cold air on your car, but regardless you should have no idling issues but you may just wana get a hand held tuner for more power and what not or a chip, which your car may or not not have since it already has the gears. I would also try running a search as well as you will find out what brand you may want to go with as you can hear from people that have already tried a certain set up.
  4. What kind of a search do you suggest. Is there a way for a search in the forums or do you mean a internet search. Thanks, Scotty
  5. mufflers

    I personally love the straight thru sound of my Magnaflows, but for the older muscle car sound I'd go with MAC flowpaths. I had them on my 99GT and they are like a better flowmaster. Deeper tone and alittle less drone. If you like flowmasters you will love them.
    For best horsepower gains though, my money is on Magnaflows. Oh, also the "Magnapacks" are the straight thru mufflers that sound kinda like glasspacks. www.magnaflow.com to listen to some clips. www.mustangexhaust.com should keep you busy too.
    Welcome to Ford btw. :D
  6. Thanks for the suggestions guys.. Please correct me if I am wrong but have I read that I will get the best H/P increase from a X-pipe instead of H-pipe.
    I am thinking of a Bassani or DR. Gas X-pipe.. Can anyone tell me what to avoid doing so that I do not run into trouble with the Check Engine Light coming on. Also are my stock 99 Cobra pipes 2 1/2 inch.. Thanks
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  7. stockers

    stockers are 2.25" and any x or h pipe without cats is gonna trip the check engine light. You can get the mil eliminator modules for the O2 sensors to keep the light off though. Better low end power I think with an H, the X gives you better gains up top. Probably not an issue for you since you have gears. If you get chambered mufflers I'd get an H, if you get straight mufflers thru I'd get an X. I had an X with chambered mufflers on my GT for all of 2 days, it sounded like total ass imho.
  8. http://www.mustangexhaust.com/
    I dont know if its just me, but i can never actually find the sound clips on there, where did they go? lol
    last time i went there i did not see any sound clips. but bassani and dr gas are the best, so your thinking on the right track. and as far as mufflers go, get what sound best to you because trust me, you will much rather have the sound you want then an extra 2-5hp
  9. The magnaflow web site was very informative..Thanks
  10. Thanks for the feedback guys. I found website "www.magnaflow.com/05news/magazine/05hotpg05.asp" The magazine tested a 01 Cobra on the dyno and came up adding about 33 HORSEPOWER just by adding Magnaflow mufflers, cats & X-pipe. I am going to talk to my exhaust man (who favors flowmasters) and see what he says. I can't wait..
  11. Here is a clip of my car with full magnaflow... catted (2) x-pipe & cat-back. Since then I have put on magnapacks and love the increase in sound. Of course I cannot step on it until I am out of my neighborhood now, but it is a small price to pay for the sound! I can post a sound clip of that as soon as I get one if ya want.
  12. Thanks for the feedback. Which mufflers were on the sound clip that you posted. That sound is about what I am looking for.
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  13. Those were the regular Magnaflows that come with the cat-back. Part #15644. That was 2 days after I put them on. They got louder as time passed (I think Magnaflow puts something in the mufflers that have to burn off). I would recommend finding a used catback. Cheap and already broken in :D
    I don't know if these are still available, but here are some links I found...




  14. That's my exhaust combo as well. :cheers:

    Here are three vid clips I recorded from 2002.

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    ftp://ftp.pfabrication.com/Assorted_Car_S h i t/COBRA90GT_Magnaflow1.mpg

    ftp://ftp.pfabrication.com/Assorted_Car_S h i t/COBRA90GT_Magnaflow2.mpg

    ftp://ftp.pfabrication.com/Assorted_Car_S h i t/COBRA90GT_Magnaflow3.mpg
  15. I found real good price on complete Magnaflow Cat-Back P/N #15644 and also Magnaflow high flow X-Pipe #93335. (Less 1/2 Magnaflow list price) I ordered them today. Thanks to everyone for their help. I'm sure that the others are also real good but I liked Magnaflows numbers that they produced as shown on on-line tests. I will report back to the forum once I get them installed.
    99 Cobra
    Seattle, WA
  16. Congrats! I am sure you will love them!!!
  17. I'm probably going to be buying a Magnaflow catback shortly. Where did you find the deal?
  18. So does the MagnaFlow setup, catted X and catback with mufflers make a lot more power than say a catted Bassani X with a MagnaFlow catback or a catted Bassani X with straight pipes?
  19. Differences in rwhp gains are minimal. Both are great systems, so it comes down to more of a sound preference... IMO