99 cobra vert price help


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Mar 4, 2019
North Carolina
Been looking for a little while but found this. Way more miles than I was looking for but some nice mods without going crazy. Would love some advice.

The complete rear end was replaced in 2014 the work was done at the Ford dealership I have all the paperwork for that
-subframe connectors
-305 Nitto street legal slicks
-brand new gas tank
-jba long tube headers
-custom off-road x pipe
-SLP loudmouth exhaust
-3" rolled exhaust tips
-brand new headlights
-single DIN JVC radio with mini DVD screen
-replace bad fuel injectors
-replace idle air control valve
-new valve cover gaskets both sides
- upgraded fuel pump 300 LPN
-BBK cold air intake
-Sr performance short throw shifter
-BBK twin 65mm throttle body
-new pedals and shift knob
-410 gears in the rear
-eibach pro-kit lowering springs
-koni front struts non-adjustable
-Bilstein HD series rear shocks
-SCT aftermarket tuner
- 245 18 sumitomo front tires
*03-04 Cobra Hood
*03-04 Cobra front bumper
*03-04 Cobra side skirts
*03-04 Cobra side air dam
*03-04 rear spoiler
*03-04 rear bumper
*03-04 third brake light
-Paint still looks new is about 3 years old. Car was pretty much always garage kept
- slotted and cross-drilled rotors
-manual battery cutoff switch
The convertible top is in good shape and let's down perfectly fine.
The car has 122000 miles on it. It runs strong all maintenance was kept up on the car 00I0I_6R7CwbIQogz_600x450.jpg 00r0r_1x83PLEZJwo_600x450.jpg 01010_cPmK4DeUZJm_600x450.jpg
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Nov 6, 2016
122K isn't bad if well maintained and not thrashed. I had 167K on my '98 and still ran strong and got 3-4K before burning a quart of oil. I went full synthetic and topped it off regularly, you want it full at all times, do not let it get low. I would just be wary because of all the performance mods and a new rear end, wondering if it was thrashed or not. The trannies are not the strongest in stock condition from my experience, especially with major power adders. Price would be important in this case. Nice looking car and love those export tailights.


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Mar 4, 2019
North Carolina
He wants $12.5k and the more I look the more I think is too high for what it is. I like some of the mods but the miles need to make the price come down.