99 Cobra VS 2001 Cobra

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  1. Ok...I've somewhat narrowed my choice down to two cars...that I am considering trading my 99 GT in for. One is a white 99 Cobra with 29K miles for $17K, and the other is a silver 2001 Cobra with 19K for $20900. I've driven the white cobra, and it is very nice. I haven't driven the 2001...since it IS out of town...but the pics of the car are very nice. Besides the front headlight tint, the polishing of the wheels, the interior and the rear fascia 'Cobra' stamp, what...if any...other differences are there between the two cars? The 99 sat at the dealer for over a year...but it is in excellent shape. Are the 99 Cobras hard to sell because of the recall situation? I hate it that the 99 Cobras don't have the word COBRA stamped on the rear fascia, but I can get over that. The main thing is: I don't want to have a problem selling the car...when the time comes.

  2. Either car is nice, but I would get the 01! Just simply for the fact that you don't have to worry if the car had the recall performed on it! And you get the Cobra rear bumper like you want and the polished wheels! Go with the 01 and don't look back!! :nice:
  3. I just bought a silver 2001 for 20,100 with 23k miles on it....so your prices are good.

    I would go with the 01...couple years newer, typically known as a better year for the cobra...even if they are equal.

    I like mine just need to learn to drive better. Its my first stick car ;)
  4. Wow! What a first stick car! :eek:

    Get the '01! :nice:
  5. Like you've already mentioned, the differences are minor and the power levels should be nearly the same if the car has had the fix. I would advice you to at least try the seats in the 2001 before you decide, since they are generally considered more comfortable. The only other thing I can think of is with the 01 you get the 6 CD in-dash changer as opposed to a single player.

    Either way, I doubt you'll be disappointed.
  6. Both are great cars. Go with the best financial deal and condition of the car. And which one you like the best. You got to drive it and like it that is very important.

    I like the option of the 99 (cheaper) since that gives you about 4K for MODS!!!!!!!

  7. I traded my 97GT in for an 01 Cobra back in April (2k miles for 24k) and i havn't looked back i love it. my 01 was also my first stick car. I love the seats BTW

    I did drive my dads cars and trucks all of which were a stick so it wasn't like i learned on my Cobra. my previous cars were a 91 Olds cutlass, 94Tbird, 97GT and then my Cobra.

    My wife hates stick cars but once i talked her into letting me get a Cobra life has been all down hill and she won't drive the Cobra just because of the stick, and thats fine with me she has a Brand new Jetta 1.8T Tiptronic.
  8. Both are great cars....although the 99's got more bad press because of the little issue. Still, I would go with the 01. Better seats, radio, a "Cobra" rear bumper, smoked headlights, and polished wheels.

    If you were to buy these mods for the 99 Cobra to get it up to par, it would cost you at LEAST $2,000....

    EDIT: Oh, they also have 31 spline axles instead of 28 spline. So add another $800 to get the 99 Cobra up to 01 specs.

    As for transmissions...the 99's came with the T45 and the 01's got the T3650. Both have their own "weaknesses" so it's kind of a wash in my opinion.
  9. Either one will work!

    Ensure that you check them both real good.

  10. I say go with the '01, just because you'd be happy with the stuff you said you didnt like missing on the '99
  11. Other than the axles, everything is cosmetic. If you want to go aftermarket with the radio, the '99 is way easier. The big double din box of the '01 is a pain. Very few adapters and aftermarket stuff that is decent without modifications. You will need a schematic to get the Mach 460 hooked up right with the non-factory stuff to work properly. There is plenty of aftermarket stuff to plug right into the '99 with no issues.

    As for the seats, you can go out and get Sparco or Recaro for a good price.

    No Cobra on the bumper? Big deal. In my own opinion, I would rather see no letters at all as it looks cleaner. Every time I see those highlighted letters, it reminds me of those Cutlass SX's with the big letters across the bumper.

    Smoked headlights? It depends on the color of the car. Vibrant colors, like Rio Red, look better with the clears. If you buy the '99 and want smoked, go to a junk yard and take them off a late model 'Stang.

    Looking at it from my perspective, I would get the '01. Ten K less miles, two years younger, depending on the build date, and it probably has some factory warranty left. I like the '99s myself due to the fact that I drove one (Rio Red 'vert #3684. I wish I had it back.) until I got my '03. Dollar for dollar, though, the '01 is a better buy unless you intend to do a lot of mods right away.

    Good luck!

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  12. I love my 01, I looked at some 99's and wasn't impressed. I don't like the spoiler, rear bumper, interior, etc. the list goes on and on.
  13. My 99 smokes 01
    i have just about every bolt on beside headers
    Ime not sure what was in his car but i had stock rims n he had 18 inch cobra rs
  14. Just one question, SVT Chic, how does the list go on and on? The only true differences between the two is the seats. The rest is cosmetic and/or basically inconsequential. 3650 or T45? You wouldn't know the difference unless you were told. 31 spline to 28 spline axles? You may want the beefier axles if you are really going to crank up the power, otherwise, who cares? The radio? The '99s is much better with way more aftermarket stuff available. There is no difference mechanically in the cars. The same motor with the same power.

    I am sure that you like your '01, but there is no difference in driveablity. The seats are the '01s only advantage. You can get aftermarket seats that are truely fine for a good price. If it wasn't for the smoked headlights, you couldn't tell the difference until you get close.

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  15. The 99 did not have as much power as the 01 by far, I've seen both cars dynoed with a stock set up and the 99 had nothing compared to what they advertised. This is a known fact not an assumption.

    Would you like me to research this more :rolleyes:

  16. SVT Chic,
    I think CobraCruiser was talking about a "fixed" 1999 Vs a 2001. In other words:
    A stock (read: "fixed") '99 will dyno similar to an '01 (stock trim), with all other factors being equal.
    Just ask anyone on the BON Cobra board..

    Ok, and now my opinion on the matter (because Kane wanted our input):

    I think both the '99 and the '01 are great snakes. Of course, each one comes with its own nuances and specific features (which have already been mentioned), but for the most part, they are very similar vehicles.
    The '01s will typically hold a higher resale value than the '99s simply because they are newer - that is the bottom line IMHO. Look into nada.com or kbb.com and it's easy to see that the biggest price factor is "model year."
    Most people (once educated about "the fix") are able to look past the "horsepower recall" that the 1999 cobras suffered from. If I was deciding between a '99 and an '01 I would choose the one that met my goals (i.e. Will this be a daily driver or perhaps one geared more towards racing?).

    Example: Let's say you have a " $23K" (this is a made up number!) budget.
    You purchase (which we will say costs significantly less when compared to an '01; giving you a few thousand leftover to play with) and you then put that extra money into a plethora of bolt-on modifications. In other words, your car is now a force to be reckoned with at the track. Got it? :D
    Ok good. OR you can choose a second scenario. You purchase an '01 for roughly $23K (your entire budget). You drive the car and enjoy it (ideal for those who have very little interest in modding their cobras).

    And, finally:
    To everybody

    /moderator hat "on"

    Let's continue to keep this thread civil while engaging in friendly discussion and debate about these vehicles we all love. Thanks. :cheers:
  17. Ok,

    Here goes again the 99 vs 01 debate :rolleyes:

    Yeah, why dont you researche it. Here is a quick dyno sheet of my 99 after the fix with no mods other than a K&N.

    It has been posted 100 times, so one more will not hurt.


    How many 01 stock have you seen with 290+RWHP? :rolleyes:

    They are the same cars....quit it.

  18. Your dyno sheet has totally swayed everything I said! riiiight
  19. If it were me, I'd get the '01. You'll have more of a warranty with it, less miles, better comfort and looks in my opinion. I recently traded my GT in for my snake and got a 6 year/70,000 mile warranty with it. Not bad for a '01 with 9700 miles for $22K. Keep shopping around. There are alot of '01 Cobras popping up here of late. People are trading them in for the '03+ snakes.