99 Cobra VS 2001 Cobra

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  1. T45....strong shift forks, weak gears.
    3650..weak shift forks, strong gears.

    Yes, the Viper spec has a stronger input shaft...more splines.
  2. ok, look. I can only base it upon my experience. Ford accidentally put a T-45 in as a replacement for my first dead 3650. It took them six months to find a replacement. In that time I knew I had a tranny I could BEAT TO DEATH. I put maybe 100+ runs on that tranny running as hard as I could powershifting. It was good to the day Ford told me they got my 3650. It was the end of racing season and that 3650 died less than a month later street driving. I hate the 3650.
  3. MM&FF broke a 3650 when they tested the '01. After that, they asked why SVT didn't use the T-56. It was the one area that they didn't improve in '01. Why SVT always chose to be cheap somewhere with the Cobras is beyond me. Be it seats, tranny, brakes (The '00 Cobra R showed what real good brakes would do on a Snake.), too small of a tire/rim combo, cast iron block for the '03, something was always done to cheapen the product in some way.

    Either way, I've loved my Cobras and I wouldn't have anything else. I just wish that SVT wouldn't try to shave costs at the expense of the total package, especially for what we pay for these things.

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  4. i'm not doubting your experience 103, i'm just saying that it isn't the norm. heck, i'm running a 4cyl t5 behind my 306 right now and its doing better than the original t5 with much more abuse.
    ..go figure

  5. Engines are the same, trannys are different but just as good as one another... The 2001 does have better axles I give them that. Go for the cheaper one, thats all the more cash for mods :nice:

    Just my $.02
  6. Woa, this is an old thread...
  7. Hey naz, my dyno tech([email protected] www.powertraindynamics.com) has an underated dyno, or a really, really conservative dyno. He says he's never seen much of a gain with LT OR shorty headers on these cars. I wonder if your car would show those numbers on his dynojet. The highest NA cobra he's ever seen is 320rwhp uncorrected. I dyno'd 311 uncorrected. He says headers have never shown any gains on his dyno. He is probably the best tuner in the country, next to MIKE WESLEY, of course. My car is a 99, no headers, no porting, no inner fender cold air kit. He dyno'd a 03 mach 1 with a full exhaust and all the bolt-ons at 295rwhp uncorrected. I was 16rwhp more than the MACH 1 with the same bolt-ons and tune. I have a feeling that your car would be lower on his dyno. If you ever get a chance, get your car dyno'd there, he's is the best in this part of the country. I'm telling you man, this guys dyno is a tough one. I'm curious what your numbers would be on his dyno. He also mentioned that my midrange power was more than the guy with 320 rwhp. No offense man, just my humble opinion.

  8. Underated dyno? You mean that it needs to be SERVICE and CALIBRATED?

    Any ways, my car has been dynoed in several diferent dynos always displaying good numbers. By the way, just got the car re-dynoed over here in Germany yesterday, on another diferent dyno and it showed a nice 329RWHP, that was with NO COOL OFF just straigth from the road after a nice 1 hour drive (high speed driving). :nice: And this dyno (Manufacture by TAT Dynos who supplies Wheel Dynos to Big manufactures like BMW and Porshe over here in Germany) is rated about 8 RWHP LESS than a similar DYNO JET (this is based on hundrets of side by side compartions runs in CONTROL ENVIROMENTS) due to thier loading mechanism (similar to a Mustang Dyno but not as radical change in numbers). So, with that in mind it confirms the gain of o/a 4-5 RWHP provided from the WMS CAI/Pro-M 95mm CAI over the DS/Pro-80mm CAI. So, if we take that 8 HP diference then we will be looking at 337RWHP????

    But you are very correct, I may not put down those numbers on your shop.

    Naz :nice:
  9. dyno numbers

    NAZ,thanx for the reply. The only reason I mentioned this to you was because, steve has tuned tons and tons of GT's and Cobra's. He is so experienced with these cars, that even FORD CONSULTS WITH HIM, honestly, that's the truth. I told him about you, and he said he's tuned thoasands of mustangs and never seen those numbers on a stock(bolt-on's) cobra. He also said that headers, LT'S or shorty's haver never shown much, if any gain on his dyno. The strongest cobra motor he's ever dyno'd was 320rwhp(uncorrected) stock bolt-on parts. But who knows, maybe you would be the first. If you ever get a chance, go to his shop and get it dyno'd.

    Also, what octane gas did you use when your car was dyno'd, this 91 octane california gas sucks.

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  10. NP,

    You will be surprice how many Bolt-On Cobras have 320+RWHP. Here in Stangnet there are quite a few.

    Check out this at Modular Fords

    NA Cobra RWHP/TQ Listings

  11. really now. I'd be willing to race ya... :lol:
  12. My 3650 has held together for around 100 passes, 75 stock and around 25 with some nasty hp and tq on a solid rear. I'm sure it will break this year and will be replaced with an auto. But its still going strong for now.