99 Cobra Vs 99 Z28 Auto?

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  1. Cobra has offroad x, Cai, catback. Z28 bone stock ... I'm thinking cobra has an advantage
    Do to the auto tranny in the z28 .. how would this pan out from a roll or a dig ?
  2. I'm thinking the Z28 wins by probably a car length in the quarter. The Cobra needs gears, like 4.10's, or 4.30's. Exhaust is just going to make it sound good while losing.
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  3. :lol: Quote of the day!!!!!! :lol:
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  4. I'm about to do 3.73s , underdrives and a sct handheld think that will help?
    I drive this thing a lot or is do 4:11s
  5. dont use the 410s if it sees alot of highway time, while they r stop light killers, itll kill ur mpg....ive had many sets of 373s and 410s, every1 says the 430s are the way to go on these modular....idk arent there 390s out now, mayb theyd be best since its in between??
  6. You won't get worse fuel economy by going with a 4.10 or 4.30 gear. I had 4.30s installed in my old 98 and it got the exact same highway mileage as it did with stock gears and it got slightly better city mileage than the stock gears.
  7. I have since ran a 13.50 on crappy street tires and this was before tuning at that time I was making 286rwhp now I make 312/318tq how does it look now?
  8. How about you and your bud get off your cheeks and run those puppies instead of asking silly questions on the web.... Good grief!
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  9. bench racing and roll racing are both ghey
  10. 99 Cobra vs 99 Z28 Auto will probably be a driver's race. I would give the Z an advantage off the line with the auto unless the Cobra driver can really launch that car. Cobra motors really do like a lot of gear b/c their power comes on so late in the tach, but running a 4.30 gear might render 1st gear next to useless. 3.73 seems to be a pretty good compromise ratio b/c you can still have the punch without having a granny low 1st and a rev happy freeway cruiser.
  11. You wont have a problem with him
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    And afterward, let us no how the time slip looks. The guys on hear can tell you where your car needs improvement based on the elements of a time slip.