99 cobra w/nitrous

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  1. alright the car goes in storage soon for the winter... i am lookin to do a couple larger mods now....
    give me some feedback !!!
    1st ...nitrous ---wet , dry, direct port?? what is gonna be the best and the safest while also factoring in the cost...
    cause with what i have left after that i will be adding
    2nd....exhaust--- bassani x-pipe W/cat back
    3rd ...custom chip---where should i be lookin to do this???
    4th ... headers---mid lenght headers is that the way to go ??
    i have been lookin at jba or bassani headers...

    okay i know it all depends on the driver and conditions but to keep me goin through the long michigan winter what kinda 1/4 mile times do ya guys think will be capable w/ this setup...

    this summer i was a best of 13.4 w/ dr's
  2. I would say go with a NX EFI kit, and get the upgrade. With everything it will probably cost u about 1,000. This is a wet kit. I would say do about 100 shot. This with a full exhaust, and a good tune. I don't see why u won't be in low 12's possiable high 11's. Check out www.mustangx.com for the NX kit. Lowest price I found. Good luck
  3. for dollar vrs power what we be worth while headers or a tuned chip??
    if i go the header route i will be doin this myself and freinds who work for beer...so i have a lift and all the tools so how much effort will they be???

    and what is the best header and best place to get a chip??

    thanks again
  4. Nitrous, you say? You should get in touch with Joe Lynch (aka: El Presidente) :)


    Or just search for some of his threads (esp on BON or over on Corral)...lots of good Nitrous info in his recent posts. :cheers:
  5. ya i will definattly check that out the more feedback the better....

    how many guys on here are runnin the juice on there 99/01 cobras.??.. iam also concernd about my halfshafts and whether they will be able to hold of the line or if i should spray in 2nd??? and what dissadvangtes they may lead too??
  6. If your running a direct kit like the NX Express or the NOS NOSzzle Kit you can run WAY more than a 100 shot safely. Their are a ton of people running 125-150 shots with dry kits with no problems and with a direct wet kit your much much safer.
    I would highly recommend getting a chip burned if you’re running a good shot of N20.
    No I change my mind. IMO you can't run N20 safely or get to it's potential with a good dyno tuned chip.
    Look at Diablo or an autologic.
    I see better gains for pre 03 Cobras with the Autologic chips vs. the Diablo. On 03's it seems Diablo has put allot of time into.
    I would go exhaust last in the mix although you can get something like a off-road H for much cheaper than a bass X pipe and you will only gain about 2 hp on the bass X vs. a good off-road H.
  7. I have a stock 99 Cobra with a 125HP NOS dry kit. On my third run, I blew the clutch disc going from 3rd-4th. I rolled through the traps with a 13.2 @ 107mph. The NOS kicks in at the end of 1st. It kicks in so hard that sometimes it activates the fuel pump cut-off switch located in the trunk.
  8. okay well i think im gonna go w/ nirous express efi kit its only 553 then i will get a bottle heater and a rpm activation switch to set at 3200 to 6500 rpm does that sound about rit....is there anythin else i need??
  9. I don't want to use nitrous, only because I have and I never seemed to have enough. I was always using it, (I'd race a van), but I LOVED it when it was full.

    If I was to go back to NOS, I'd NEVER use a wet kit on any car that didn't originally pass fuel through the manifold. Multiport cars are designed to flow air through the manifold, NOT FUEL, especially with plastic intakes! As a bonus the dry kits can be better tuned through the chip via fuel enrichment, where a wet kit is "fixed" at a certain point and doesn't compensate for air, temp., or altitude changes.
  10. I would give Lidio a call at Alternative Auto (586-463-0010....have him do the Nitrous install and tune. He will get you the results you want. Also, he could even do a dual stage setup....give you a small shot out of the hole, then a bigger shot at, lets say, 4500 RPM's. :nice:

    Now the problem will be traction with the IRS. Street tires will be useless. So get some good DR's. If you don't have beefed up 1/2 shafts...get some (I have some basically brand new GKN Stage III"s that are 28-spline if interested).

    As for the exhaust, it's not a must right away, but it will only help. If you do shorty, mid-length, or long tubes....it will all be the same PITA to install, so go with some BBK LT's and matching o/r H pipe.

    With the IRS you will have a low 12 second car once you have the launch down. With a 125 shot, high 11's may be possible.

    Good luck!
  11. I am thinking of dumping the irs and going solid with 410's and a 135HP NOS shot. That should put me in the 11's!
  12. okay first i would like to get ahold of alternative auto where is he located at i live in adrian, michigan which is close to ohio...

    2nd already have dr's and how much would you want for your gkn's

    and i realize that exhaust isnt the biggest isue of lost power on my car but if
    im gonna be changin to a colder plug i might as well change the headers as well...dont ya think??

    rit now i can get my complete nx kit 35-150 hp, bassani headers ,x-pipe, and cat back for $2,007...does that sound like a good deal

  13. Can you itemize the prices for us (the price of the nx kit alone, headers, etc)?
    It would be easier to comment on whether or not you are getting a fair deal, that's all. :)
    Is this price estimate for the parts by themselves or does it also include installation? :shrug:
  14. well it this included labor i wouldnt even bother postin this cause i would be on my way to get them installed ... :lol:

    but ya nx kit_ $550
    cat back_$460
    + 6% sales tax
    unless i can find a place out of state to match price and include shipping
  15. Go wet or direct port, whichever is better for your wallet.
    Direct port is the most badass choice.

    Make sure you get a competent custom tune in a two or more position chip.
    The car MUST be tuned different when using nitrous.
    Also, if nitrous tuning is used without nitrous on, the car will run rich as a pig (slow).

    Superchips custom tuning has a chip that holds several custom programs.

  16. He is in Mt. Clemens. Here's the link (bottom of the page is location and phone number).....Alternative Auto .

    My car is in the shop right now having the Viper Spec T56 and solid axle put in.
    If you are interested in the GKN Stage III's, I'm asking $700.

    You really need to go with a colder plug with the Nitrous regardless, so LT's are still a "nice to have" but not neccessary.

    Give Lidio a call...he has tried it all and will walk through what worked the best so you don't have to do it twice. He did a nitrous setup on a friends 99 Cobra...it was WILD. :nice: