99 cobra with 4.10s not pleased?

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by hotrodman, Jan 2, 2004.

  1. You can't go too high with the stock tranny or you'll be shifting into 5th... Not recommended...
  2. I only recommend shifting into 5th when you are involved in an unsanctioned automotive confrontation with an LS1 car. :D

    I actually like my 4.10's. I have them in both my car and my wife's car. My car is used mostly for drag racing, so I will be going to a steeper gear.

    I have 3.73's in my 99 GT and I couldn't even tell it had gears. I was really disappointed.

    It has been said before; 3.73's to a 5.0 car are like 4.10's to a Modular car.
  3. If ur having the high rpms on hwy problem then change to a 6 spd t-56 tranny, not to 3.73 gears! :mad:
  4. i go fast alot i mean real mph.with the 4.10s you be going 5600 at 155 mphthats to much for me ill be around 5000rpm.we have a high way down here well interstate 20 miles over the bayou no police.thats where i wind it out at now sure you can go 155 with 4.10 but for how long , i should get some 2.73s bypass my limiter and do a post??not downing youll in any way,im just tell ing what i dont like ,,
  5. The car won't go much past 150 (as in, you aren't gonna be beating out any Vettes at top speed...) no matter what the rear gearing is.
  6. Did you know that your top speed will actually slow down if you went to a 2.73 gear instead of the 3.73. The top end speed is actually faster with 3.73's than it is with factory 3.27's, and that may go for 4.10's too.. not sure, I know my 96 would do 160 and the 99 has a bit more power than the 96.
  7. it took a long time to get up there with 3.27s 4.10s with mac long tubes dont go together
  8. I think I need to go to Starbucks... Maybe if I am somewhat more awake I can understand...
  9. :lol: :rlaugh:
  10. I'll definitely second that. :nice:
  11. i like my 3.73s a hole lot better!!!!
  12. i love my 3.73s alot more :spot: :spot: :spot: :spot: :spot: :spot: :spot:but hell i'am getting old. :flag: