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  1. How's it going guys, I'm new here and been doing a lot of reading on here before I decided to post. My mustang has a spun rod bearing so I decided to pull out the motor and start in a rebuild, and everyone says since it's out of the car put some forged internals in. So that's what I am going for. I read that people say to get a used set of 03/04 cobra pistons. I've located a set, my question is am I going to need any modifications with these or are they just an install and go kind of set? Are the rods good to use or just the pistons, I saw someone mention get a set off 302 boss rods? If you have any info if appreciate it thanks!

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  3. 03/04 rods and pistons will drop right in. Compression will in the mid 9's

    Don't know about the Boss stuff
  4. If you are going with budget in mind go with the 03/04 Cobra stuff. Otherwise, get a good set of rods and a set of Diamond pistons. I am not sure if any Coyote stuff (IE Boss 302) will work on the older 2V engines
  5. Shouldn't be anything special you need to do to drop the Cobra pistons in. When you get your block honed, ask your machine shop if they'll take the pistons and match them up to the best bores (so the sizes best match up). My shop did this without any extra charge.

    Coyote rods drop right in. Exact same dimensions as any 4.6 rods. I got mine from Tousley Ford (do a Google search) for about $160 shipped. Get the Boss 302 ones, as they are cheaper and stronger than regular 5.0 rods. Some people speculate that the Boss 302 rods are stronger than the Trinity GT500 rods are. They are indeed bigger, but they're a different material as well.

    I'm running Cobra pistons and Boss rods with no problems thus far.
  6. Cool man thanks for the info
  7. Jesus I could have saved soooo much going that route :chair:
  8. Update- I got two blocks to work with I thought they were identical but there is a hole in the blue block that the red one doesn't have, anyone know of this difference and what it's function is?

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  9. Bump for the question to my last post
  10. One is a Romeo and one is a Windsor. The main cap setup should be different. And whatever that hole is goes through to the timing area of the engine. Maybe just a vent to prevent built up pressure inside the timing cover but that's just me throwing an idea out
  11. Update- got my motor rebuilt did it all myself thought I'd post some pictures of my work. Plus found my egr tube cracked to hell, anyone know where I can get a replacement?

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