99+ engine swap to 96 v6?

Discussion in 'SN95 V6 Mustang Tech' started by fastferndog, Dec 2, 2003.

  1. Has anyone ever done an engine swap from the 99+ mustang v6 to the earlier ones? and if so what was necessary? and lastly how difficult was it?. any inputs would be very much appreciated. My friend needs to swap his out for a new one since he grenaded his motor on thursday and was hoping to get the 99+ engine. thanks again in advance.
  2. as far as i know, the only real differences in the motors are the intake and the heads. so you should be able to drop it in, connect the wiring and switch to a newer stang computer :shrug: it doesn't seem, like it would be too hard, but i've also never done it.

    how about swapping to a 4.6? would probably cost just a little more for a lot more performance and upgradability down the road.
  3. thanks mike93lx, but he likes the idea of the underdog.
    Anyone else? i see you guys are looking!!
  4. That is THE hardest "mod" to do. almost everything needs to be changed: the fuel lines and tranny just to name a few.
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  8. The entire fuel system needs to be changed to returnless style. Others have done swaps similar to this one, so check this forum and others with the search function.
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  11. couldn't you atart with a 96-98 motor and do a h/c/i swap from a newer 6? maybe take advantage and do a little p&p job to the heads and intake and get a custom cam. isn't the bottom end the same throughout the years?

  12. hard as heck..don't do it...been there done that...you have to swap:

    rear axle
    master cylinder

    and a ton of others...sell your car and buy a cobra from the same year..for the money you will pay..
  13. I am currently in the process of doing a split port swap, but I'm doing it on my existing short block. Dropping in the new engine is less of a challenge compared to what I'm doing. I believe you have have to switch the cam position sensor when you change the whole engine. And you have to get a modified fuel rail. Go to rpm-mustangs.com or velocitymustangperformance.com Chris_Red_V6 @ V6Power is selling is split port motor currently so might want to look into that.

    In short
    Take old motor out
    Change Cam Position Sensor (maybe?)
    99+ intake tube (just get an E-bay CAI)
    Modified fuel rail
    New motor in

    Have fun.... You still won't be quite as fast as the 99+ guys though because they have 3.27's in the rear, but there is an abundance of those gears available on E-bay.

  14. viper...don't forget everything else that i mentioned above...you are forgetting a ton...where the 6 and 8 cylinder parts are different...radiator, fan, master cylinder, exhaust, wiring, computer...etc..
  15. I believe Viper is talking about switching to an 6-split port set up and not a modular 8 ;)
  16. keep the 96 motor....or well the single port just like you have spend the money you will save on a cam, heads, intakes and you will put down more HP than the 99 up can with the same mods..... more power for cheaper :)
  17. Go the v8 route if you are considering doing an engine swap. My swap including all parts listed above and labor was 6 grand. I still (legally) pay v6 insurance and have a helluva lot more hp/torque now.
  18. the v6 to v8 swap is too much out of the budget, plus he already has a blower (procharger p1sc). has any one actually ever done the swap or know someone that has?
    by the way thanks to all the replies.
  19. why start with a 96-98 motor when you could start with a brand new one? sides it's not like ford makes brand spankin new 94-98 single port motors any more...

    hey 98stangv8 next time what do yah say you actually read the title and post before you try to answer...
  20. if your insurance catchesup to you, you are in HOT doo doo.... they will not pay.