99+ engine swap to 96 v6?

Discussion in 'SN95 V6 Mustang Tech' started by fastferndog, Dec 2, 2003.

  1. Just get a Cobra!
  2. sorry...just tried to help...no need to be a little **** about it..
  3. Nah, I don't think that would be the case. They didn't care at all that I swapped in a V8, so why would they care about a V6. They just insure it based on what the VIN says it is. If he wrecks it, it will be insured as a 1996 V6. (However, check with your individual insurer to make sure that that is the case. That was how my insurance company handles this type of situation.)
  4. yea you should check cuz you all know as well as I do any and I mean ANY way an insurance company can get out of paying you for damages they can and will..... they take all your money and then dont want to pay when you need to use the INSURANCE you pay and arm and a leg for....
  5. so you just tell them when you do it "i replaced my engine" it's the same engine it won't matter!!!!!!!!!
  6. thanks Viper, have you already started your swap? if so any major changes? thanks
  7. Man am I confused!!??!!

    O.K. Which is the "hardest swap ever" My 95 6 is looking like a rebuild candidate
    also. Are you guys saying the 99+ V6 is the hard one? Mine has a burnt valve but the cylinder walls are beautiful. I was looking at possibly using a 99+ motor
    for the swap or just heads and intake. I heard that they flow better and I could get a few more ponies out of it. I am still in th early stage of deciding what to do
    so please lay off the 4.6 swap info for now. I may ask in a later post about that as I have a wrecked 95 T-bird with the 4.6 just laying around.
    Of course the cheapest is to just get the heads I have redone and this is a possibility. But a few more bucks for a bit more oomph is very doable.
    Yes I searched the archives and became more confused.
    So, the question is...How can I swap a better flowing top end and what is needed?
    Bruce (TX)
  8. it's a easy swap just the engine and the computer nothing else...
  9. 97v6Silver, have you actually done the swap? thanks.
  10. anyone else? done the 99+ swap? thanks
  11. egnorant> A 5.0L swap would be easier than a 4.6L swap with your car. (probably cheaper too)