99 Gt Coolant Leak

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by nick sands, Dec 3, 2013.

  1. hey guys ive had my gt since early august after a bad experience with a z28. it had a very slow coolant leak at first and I was like imma fix it but it progressively became worse after replacing some of the things. ive replaced the intake manifold, ive replaced the reservoir, thermostat, the hose that leads to the thermostat, the water pump..y mechanic says my freeze plugs and radiator are fine and no blown head gasket no cracked block etc. ive never overheated it. and it just leaked a bunch of coolant from the cap...again...it didnt do this earlier today at all. just tonight...I really really hate this leak...oh also I tried putting the heat on on my way home and it was cold. and after I noticed that coolant came out of my cap...which I replaced last week
  2. sorry about the way im typing its 220 am in los angeles and im in my car waiting for the steam from the leaked coolant to go away and to drive it home. I cooled it down for 3 hours in Beverly hills and fell asleep until 130 which is when I drove it until it leaked out again.
  3. also how much would it cost to fix the issue as i am paying for myself and have to use my own hard earned money to buy car parts and in the past buy the camaro (now in junkyard as it had too many major issues) and the mustang.
  4. Welcome aboard Nick. I've moved your thread to the appropriate forum where you'll get more help
  5. That is a head scratcher. It seems you have replaced most of the usual suspects. Are you certain the leaks aren't coming from the radiator? Where does the steam come from? That should be your chief indicator of the problem.
  6. they opened the oil cap and they saw water and oil...so its almost 100% certainly head gasket now. i wish i had a job that would be consistently above minimum wage. looks like i have to sell it. anyone wants to buy it message me. ill just use the money from this to get a sbc for my 240z. ill take a v8 and trans for it if anyone wants to trade. if i cant post this here im sorry before you say anything. im just not in a good mood cuz i wanted to do a lot with this car.
  7. some places said 2600 which is obviously bull...but my moms boyfriend has a friend whos shop ive been going to. he does good work on cars and will do the head gasket for $800. which is very good. so maybe ill just keep this thing
  8. Don't throw the baby out with the bath water. If I had no other choice, I wouldn't hesitate to pull my engine apart and fix it myself despite never having done it before.

    Maybe change the valve springs and throw in a couple of cams if the budget allowed. That's besides the point though.
  9. my uncle who owns a shop near Berkeley says hell help with the parts and that the amount i was quoted by my moms boyfriends friends shop (1000) means i should just keep my mustang. im keeping her. how long do you think i will be able to go before an engine rebuild? it has 114800 miles right now.
  10. Sounds like a better plan to fix the car and keep driving her. While a head gasket change isn't a fun job, it is very doable and shouldn't happen again (assuming they ensure the head/block are flat and do a proper job for you).
    My 97 has 218k and doesn't show any signs of needing an engine rebuild. As for engine issues to look for, the valve stem seals can get old and start leaking (allowing an occasional puff of smoke, but no real harm), and on some of the older engines, the chain guides can wear. In taxi use, these engines regularly see +400k miles without a rebuild.
  11. im keeping it for sure lol. The heads got machined and theyre back on. i have a fun idea for this car. im just wondering how i can put side exhaust on it with some short tube headers and still having it legal here in cali. i had to get rid of my 240z back to my moms boyfriend so i could deal with this.