99+ headlights

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  1. This is just an idea that popped in my head.. will 99+ headlights work in the 94-98 style ?? also same question for the tail lights.. I understand there would be some work in arranging it, but I wondered if anyone has tried this or actually did it.
  2. Nope.

    You'd basically have to swap out a lot of sheet metal, including work on the quarter panels. And new bumper covers. Basically everything Ford did when they created the 1999.

  3. :bang:
  4. Forgot to mention -- and a new hood. :p

    Your best bet is to get a 99+, and a Maximum Motorsports K-member, and swap a 5.0 into it :D.

  5. now that is an interesting thought... I wonder how hard it would be and how much to get a 99+ body w/ no engine. IN TACT.
  6. Well, you could try to find a theft recovery that's been stripped. Or just get a V6 and sell the mechanicals (coincidentally, the V6 uses a T5 very similar to a 94/95 GT). It's worth noting that it is not likely to be emissions legal to swap a 5.0 into a 99+ for road use, so if you have emissions testing where you live you would think twice before doing it.

    Personally I'd just keep the 94/95, or get a 99+ and keep the 4.6L that's in it. Too much hassle :D. The 4.6L motors respond well to boost.

  7. Problem with a body-in-white is that it has no VIN, so you will never have it on the road, period.

    And just getting it road worthy and driveable would cost more than just buying a complete used car.

  8. waste of time/money. nevermind, im in a bad mood. ha
  9. Just looking at the tail lights and head lights on a 99+ compared to a SN95 body style you can tell that theres just no way they would fit w/ out major fabracation. Its like trying to cram the square block into the round hole
  10. 99+ is an SN95

  11. No its not, 94-98 is an SN95, when they changed the body style they change the name of the platform for the car...IE... Fox Bodys up until 93, then 94-98 are SN95's and Im not sure what 99+ are called but there not SN95's
  12. As far as i knew the 94-04 had the same platform. The only thing that changed was the engine and the outside body. 94-98 looks very similar in body lines to 99-04 and i thought it was due to them sharing the same platform.

  13. Its just the body style of the car, when ever they change the body stlye it has a new name, the Fox bodys are called Foxes b/c there Named the Fox Platfourm until that ended in 94 when it became the SN95 until 99 and after that Im not sure what its called its SN something but Im not sure of the #
  14. The 99+ is still an SN95. SN95 is the chassis designation, it has nothing to do with the pretty sheet metal Ford lays on top. The "Fox bodies" were Fox-3 chassis. SN95 is also sometimes referred to as Fox-4.

  15. There was a guy with a 94-95 who swapped all the body panels for 99+ ones I remember seeing it in some magazine. So I guess you could just but parts off of salvaged 99+ stangs till you have it all then swap and paint.
  16. 99+ cars are still SN95's.....and if you want to get technical 94+ cars are still foxes....because the SN95 chassis is really just a modified FOX chassis.....

  17. What about the Fairmont? They were Fox chassis as well!
  18. sure were