'99 Mustang Hazards work but turn signals do want

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  1. title mostly explains the just of it. some additional details...
    i just replaced the relay ( yes i know its solid state but its just the word ive always used for those things) that is to the right of the steering column. had no luck with that. all fuses in both the the fuse block and power distribution have been visually inspected and i used a VOM. Didnt have any luck there either. i have heared on this forum that it may be the hazard switch itself? but i would like to hear a second opinion on that as well as any other options i have at the moment. ]

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  2. anyone who can be of help?
  3. Multi-function switch

    Assuming all fuses are good, IMO this is most likely the multi-function switch.

    It is possible to rebuild it. If you attempt it, take pictures as you go. There are tons of springs and cams that are not that difficult but can be messed up.

    Clean the entire switch with electrical contact cleaner. Lightly sand all of the electrical contacts. Re-grease the entire switch with di-electric silcone grease (same kind as used for spark plugs).

    Another option is to get a replacement from a salvage yard. Try car-part.com. Rebuild the salvage yard unit. That way if you make a mistake, it won't affect your DD.

    Remember, that Ford uses a similar multi-function switch in other models. The replacement can come from a Crown Vic or Grand Marquis. The stalk may be different but it will work. Be sure to bring the Mustang unit to compare.

    Consider writting a "how to" thread.
  4. well i took the cheap route and replaced the whole switch... but still to no avail :(
  5. found the problem. i was missing a fuse facepalm* it must have fallen out when i was replacing the woofer fuse. Thanks for the help though'