99 roller with 8 point

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  1. I haven't done anything with this car in awhile so i'm going to sell it. Its a 99 5 speed gt with 8 point roll bar welded in. subframe connectors. 6" hood with quick fasteners. big and little prostars with 325/50 drag radials with very little wear. rearend has 3.55 gears with a support cover. upr upper and lowers with drag springs and 50/50 shocks. it has a stock front suspension loosely bolted in (i had a tubular front suspension but used it on another project). windshield is cracked. all power stuff still works. wiring is intact except some splicing at the radio previous owner did. fuel system is stock with a focus pump. a/c is still on car and should still be charged.
    buyer will be responsible for picking up the car.


    more pics at Pictures by TonyWeeks - Photobucket
  2. still have this?
  3. Price

    Do you have pics of the interior and under the hood? What are you looking to get for the car?
  4. hey

    hey how much are you tryin to get for the car really? if we are talking the same talk i live in camilla ga about 20 min from you and need a new project. try to let me know what your asking soon. thanks.
  5. what kinda cash offer for the carr
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