Roush 99 Saleen S281 SC performance specs

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by ximportdriver, Nov 26, 2005.

  1. I recently sold my 94 Cobra and acquired a 99 Saleen S281 supercharged

    however, i don't know a whole lot about the saleen as far as performance (estimated 1/4, 0-60, stopping, slalom, etc)

    does anyone know the information for the performance specs for the 99 Saleen or know of a place to find out?

    i would sure love to know without having to go to the track and find out for myself

  2. anyone got any info at all?
    i am wondering because i may or may not decide to do some minor mods to the saleen based on its estimated or known performance

    btw, how many of you have mods on your saleens?
    what kind do you have?
    was it worth it or do you regret it?
    what was your favorite mod if you have several?

    i am thinking of bumping up the boost from 8psi to 10-12psi
    but with 90k on the motor (freeway miles) is that wise?
    also, i am also thinking of changing the MAF to a lightning 90mm and the throttle body to a 70mm, both from Ford Motorsports
    would that combination work well with a bit more boost, and what kind of numbers would i be seeing?
    finally, would porting the supercharger be beneficial at this point or would it be a waste of time?

    any info is helpful, thanks
  3. I believe saleen rated them at 350 hp.1/4 time mid 13's.It's a series I roots blower which creates alot of heat when you start increasing boost.It will be a fun street car and you can't beat the looks.
  4. At this point I would think of the following things first before ramping up the boost via a pulley:

    * Pro5.0 Shifter
    * Aluminum Driveshaft
    * Sub-frame connectors w/ cross braces
    * CAI (Densecharger seems to work best per dyno results)
    * 70mm TB from Ford
    * High flow cat pipe (Magnaflow seems to be better than Bassani for durability)
  5. I wouldn't advise more than 10 lbs of boost on a stock motor. Also, with a Series I blower, the horsepower gains are not at all proportional to the amount of boost you add due to the imense amount of heat generated by the blower.

    You might be able to see the largest and safest gains by using methanol injection(this cools down your intake temp). That should be good for a large chunk of safe, additional horsepower.

    My favorite upgrade wasn't just a single upgrade and most won't be until you start doing some custom tuning to make the most out of the mods you do perform. Anyhow, my favorite combination was a 66mm blower pulley to my Series II blower accompanied by and SVT Focus fuel pump and a SCT Custom tune (tuning was performed using dyno results). The end result was an additional 70RWT and 60RWHP.

    Porting the blower, as in my case, gained me an additional 30 RWHP(cost was around $350).

    Hope this helps and good luck!!
  6. being in california is methanol a good option?

    it seems as if doing a bigger throttle body and maf and porting the blower are the better three engine mods

    also, someone above mentioned getting a new shifter - i thought that the saleen had a short throw already? am i wrong? if so, then why change the shifter to a pro 5.0 or steeda tri-ax for that matter?

    another thing, i am having the rear end fixed tomorrow, it has a leak issue, and while they have the rear end apart, the shop is going to slap in some 3.55s for me, i am looking forward to that change

    as of right now this is what it looks like for me, but it is subject to change:

    throttle body
    port supercharger

    what combination of throttle body and maf should i look into, and is there a standard job for porting the supercharger? overall, however, my question is this: will this combination be smog legal being that i am in california?
  7. 3.55's aren't enough.Go atleast 3.73 and you will be glad you did.
  8. why?
    what would i need that for?
    are 3.73s ideal for track or strip?
    i am interested in track racing, so whatever is best for that
  9. The 355s aren't all that much more gear than the stock 327s.I put the 373s in when I had my Series II blower and it woke the car up alot.Now that I have the KB it's even better.It will keep pulling all the way through the 1/4 without running out of gear.All you need is a chip to calibrate for the speedo or a computer reflash.I believe saleen will reflash the ecm for $50 to correct the speedo.If you plan on very many mods you are better off getting an sct chip or programmer.That way you can just get a retune on the dyno when needed.
  10. i have 3.08s right now, or at least that is what the original owner told me was on the car

    i am not looking to race the car on the 1/4 mile but rather on the track
    i was told that 3.73s would rev out too quickly with the supercharger and i wouldn't like the shift points while on the track

    3.55s were recommended for the track instead

    would you agree or disagree
  11. Sorry I was thinking about the 1/4 mile track.I guess it depends on the speeds that you can do at your track.Just to give you an idea with the 3.73s my high shift points are around 60 in 2nd,90 in 3rd and around 120 in 4th.With the 5th gear overdrive it is very comfortable at 70-80 on the freeway.I can actually use 5th now.With the 3.27s I felt like I was lugging it below 70.I had those 3.08 in my 91 saleen and they were great for HIGH speed driving.Hope this helps.
  12. If you like riots, fires and mudslides ;)

    The Hurst shifter that your Saleen came with is their "entry level" shifter. There is room for improvment in a couple key areas. First, the lack of "stops" will not prevent you from damaging the forks, and doing expensive damage when "banging gears". Second, the bushings leave much to be desired. With a better shifter you will shift faster, and thus your car will be faster.
  13. If your car is stock it has the 3.08s.

    If you swap, I would vote for 3.55s for 5-speed cars.
  14. Yes, your car should have had the 3.27s removed and replaced by 3.08s. I would stick with the 3.55s as well, especially with the Series I blown cars.

    I yanked the Hurst out of our car and bolted in a Pro 5.0 with an MGW adjustable handle. It is a substantial improvement over Saleen’s OEM offering.

    Congratulations on your acquisition, btw.
  15. i got the 3.55s installed today
    i went easy on the car but could tell there was a big difference

    now i need to fix the speedo

    does anyone know of an easy and cost-effective way to fix it?

    a few from another forum i belong to told me about speedcal from dallas mustang? i may go this route, sounds good

    or is there another way to go?
  16. what about Steeda Tri-Ax? do they make one for a 99 saleen?

    i had a tri-ax on my 94 cobra, i liked it a lot
  17. well when my buddy put 3.73 in it came with a little white plastic gear that went into the tranny if i am not mistaken and that fixed the speedo and any ford dealer should be able to do it.
  18. Some have reported that their Momo shift knob did not work/fit right with it due to the design of the size of the top "threaded" part not being long enough.
  19. Another way to correct the speedo (which has to be done electronically, not with a mechanical gear), is to send your CPU in to Saleen and they will reflash for the new gearing. The last I heard, it cost $50.00 with a two day turn-around.