99 V6 Standard Questions

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  1. Hello everyone. It's hard to start at a specific topic so ill just start listing questions I am hoping to get answers too.
    First off I have a 1999 V6 manual. It's has 189,000 miles on it. Iv had it for 7 years and got it when it had 135000. I have out well over $5000 into it. Fuel pump, struts shocks front and back, clutch headers spark plugs tired and so on.

    First question.

    Did the stock model come with dual exhaust with two catalytic converters and not connecting together?


    When I am sitting at a light with my foot off the clutch there is a ticking noise which I have been told is the throw out bearing. Is this true.


    When approaching a light If I downshift into second (hopeful the light will turn green so I don't have to stop) there is a knocking sound. And if the light turns green the knocking gets louder until about 2000 rpm. And than goes away I have no idea what this is

    I love the car and want to keep it as a project and in the condition I know I can't get much Nd wouldn't sell it for what it would get because Iv put so much money into it. Any help would be awesome. Thank you.
  2. All these V6 questions lately. There is a V6 specific forum, stick to it.

    The SN95 V6's had single exhaust, not dual. 2 headers come off of each bank of the motor, they each go through 2 cats on each side before joining together into a Y-pipe configuration that routes throughout the backend of the car in 1 pipe.