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  1. Will a t5 from a 99-03 Mustang 3.8 fir right on to the 95 with the 95 bell housing? I just went thru 8 pages of SEARCH function and nothing... Asking because Im trying to sell the 95 I just bought and want to get a 08 GT!! and I found a T5 from a v6 for 300 bucks...
    I posted this on the 94-95 section...1 of the members told me this would be a better place to get a answer! Thanks!
  2. The transmission will prob bolt right up to the engine. A different cross member may be needed ( IDK for sure).

    HOWEVER, I can state for certain that the speed sensor will not work. The 99+s Mustangs use an output shaft sensor (OSS). The 98's and lower use a vehicle speed sensor (VSS). The two sensors are NOT compatible with each other.

    It may be possible to swap the tail shafts. However, some disassembly will be required to remove the different tone rings(worm gears) used by the different sensors.

    It still may be able to be done but it won't be a direct bolt on swap.
  3. Myself and Guero have been following each other around this forum. I have a 94 GT with a 99 T-5 from a 3.8l and yes it works, shifts, and drives.

    And wmburns, you are absolutely correct about the speed sensor problem. Is there any solution to this? My speed sensor from the 99 t5 (shown below) is entirely different and not gear driven like the 94-95s.
    When my 94 wiring harness is plugged into it, the speedo reads much much faster than it is actually traveling.


    The other problem is that I don't have the original transmission or I would just get it rebuilt. And I don't know if the previous owner used the 94-95 or the '99 3.8 bell housing/input shaft, etc.

    So is there any way to resolve the speed sensor issue? I'm getting desperate and shopping for another tranny.
  4. Might try an extended SpeedCal. Dallas Mustang is one source.

    As stated before, the 96-98 Mustangs use a VSS sensor. The 99-04 MY uses the OSS sensor.

    The OSS sensor uses a tone ring mounted on the final output shaft.

    The older still Mustangs used a worm gear driven VSS.

    Within a transmission family, it may be possible to swap tail shafts and output shafts (or press off/on the correct tone ring). However, in this case, the differences may be too great.

    The extended Speedcal unit is designed to resolve the OSS/VSS issue for manual transmissions in the 96+ MY.

    I have also read other posts stating that the extended Speedcal is no longer made.

    Good luck.
  5. I have not played with a later model trans but had a couple of thoughts Jose. Since we have wmburns here, he can help. :)

    I assume the OSS and VSS are in different places on the trans housing. Is this so? if it is, maybe you can retrofit a 94-95 tail shaft housing. Then install a speedo drive gear (on the output shaft of the v6 trans), install a speedo gear, the VSS, and then bolt this to the V6 trans.