99 Vortech V2 Gt Problems.

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  1. Well where do I start. I just had my motor rebuilt due to a busted piston, bored 0.30, forged rods and pistons. After install it had a really rough idle so I threw my SCT programer on it and retuned it back to the tune it was running before rebuild. It ran fine a little hesitant but I figured it was because of the fresh build the motor being real tight.
    Well day by day its getting worse, I only have 100 miles on the motor, It seems like its starving for air or fuel I dont know which. At a Idle it goes between 740 rpms and 810, I have a digital tac.
    When you give it about 30% throttle it hesitates then I feel it get its power, but cruising at a solid speed, if i let off the gas it give it gas again to maintain its speed it seems like its choking. I have checked for vacum leaks i cant find any, I have a exhaust leak on my headers just need to tighten it, dont think that would be cause it to run like it is tho.
    I have duel cobra fuel pumps, 42lb injectors, its intercooled, and tons of other mods. Any advice would be great guys.
  2. Also I want to add when cruising or barley letting off the gas but still giving it some sounds like my blow off valve is releasing even tho I'm giving it gas...
  3. Turboed or supercharged? Turbos can be finicking when ran with headers that are leaking
  4. Sorry, just saw the title, so cancel that
  5. Get that thing properly tuned! Then see if you still have problems.
  6. Yea thats easy to say, but I'm not gonna spend 500-600$ and "hopfuly" fix it.
  7. List everything that was changed and the mods that are done. Was it running good prior to the engine rebuild?
  8. Only thing that was changed was a boar on the motor and forged rods and pistons. It was running fine prior to busting a piston.
  9. Engine and Suspension
    - vortech sq s/c at 10psi. with procharger a-a intercooler tuned and built at psi motorsports
    - twin 2003-2004 cobra fuel pump and 45# fuel injectors
    - QA1 tubular front end (k-member, control arms etc etc)
    - BBK Longtube ceramic coated headers
    - BBK offroad H pipe with Mac mufflers and SLP rolled 3.5" tips
    - accel performance coils
    - 75mm Throttle body and plenum
    - 2003-2004 cobra 13" brakes with stainless steel braided brake lines (brakes hard enough to make you poo your pants)
    - Maximum motorsports lower control arms
    - Maximum motorsports full length subframe connectors
    - poly eurethane engine mounts, steering rack bushings and sway bar bushings
    - Motive 3.73 gears
    - Blue oval industries strut tower brace
    - Steeda battery to trunk relocation kit (installed at psi motorsports have reciepts)
    - MGW short throw shifter
    - Autometer digital tachometer, boost gauge, water temp and oil pressure gauge (all mechanical)
  10. The car needs to be properly tuned regardless of your issues (which could very well be due to the tune). $5-600 for a tune is crazy high. Were you quoted that price?
  11. Stang-Hi in Baton Rouge la
  12. Damn dude, they're gouging the crap out of you....
  13. Get it tuned. Not much else you can do really...

    My tune was 400$....an I was at the dyno 2 times. You are getting gouged hard
  14. Call Frank back and have the car re tuned. I think it is just that simple!