Expired 994/95 Ptc Built Powerglide With Almost Eveything Needed. Will Possibly Trade

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  1. It is a powerglide I had PTC-Race build me about 5-6 years ago for a project car. I ran the car 4 passes and about 50 miles of driving around on the street and dyno time. I never used the transbrake once.

    Included is the Powerglide, BBK shifter, transbrake knob, and cable, PTC torque converter, BBK transmission cooler with fan/thermostat.

    It was built to handle over 1000 hp and if I had the setup it would put me in the 8's or better according to the guy who sold it to me. The four passes I made were all in the mid 10's using foot break.

    I do not remember the specs on the torque converter. I do know it was supposed to be somewhat streetable. IT has an SFI approved aluminum scattershield. Also included is the SFI approved flywheel.
    This was in my 94 mustang and I have a 3.5" aluminum driveshaft I would include but was custom made for my 9" rear end.

    Everything here cost me over $4000.
    I am looking for $3000 shipped out of everything. I would possibly consider trade for TKO600 setup.
    Its been so long sense I bought the stuff its hard to remember specifics. but can find them out if seriously interested. The car has just been sitting in my shop and I think If I had a manual tranny I would be inclined to finish it up again.
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.