)#&$)&#@_)! spark plug hell

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  1. To think I used to complain about changing that #4 plug in my Ghia. Last night I spent the better part of 6 hours changing the spark plugs on my wife's Navigator. It was hell... at times I was forced to lay across the engine while straining my arms and hands into positions I never thought possible. At other times I found myself using wierd combinations of tools that still cause me to shake my head and wonder (e.g., 1/4 inch extension turned by a small crescent wrench...).

    Then, for the finale, I accidently hit a ratchet against one of the primary battery fuses, sending the ratchet flying amid a shower of sparks. Oh, and everything went dead as a result and it cost me almost $10 for a new 175 amp fuse.

    The moral of the story: I'll be happy to change plugs and fuses in my II from now on.
  2. Sounds a little familiar. Once had a 98 Chrysler minivan V6. FWD of course. To reach the back 3, you can reach 2 of them from underneath, the last one you have your option of either taking off the plenum and going at it from the top, or remove the alt. and bracket, and everything that is attached to that bracket and get it from underneath. I love engineers. :bang:
  3. Changing the oil filter on my 96 Thunderbird V-8 is really hard. You have to be a contortionist to get it out since it is all tangled up between the suspension and front crossmember. The spark plugs are difficult too but at least I don't have to change them very often. Oh well, lessons learned... now I look at where the oil filter is located before I buy the car.

  4. I like the oil filter position on my 99 Expedition, right under the front bumper. I'm dreading changing the plugs on the Modular motors.

  5. Isn't step one of the manual disconnect the battery :owned:
  6. Yeah, it is, but then I'd have to reset the clock... :D
  7. #8 plug on my 351W ... Sparkplug socket + wrench, 1/16 of a turn at a time.
  8. ouch...now thats painful!
  9. Why is that? doesn't the 351 sit up higher and don't you have the battery relocated to the trunk?

    Originally Posted by zwhitr
    Isn't step one of the manual disconnect the battery

    yeah but who ever reads the book :)