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  1. hey all its me with another question again. i was just wondering if there was such a thing as a 302 HiPo engine and if there was what specs it had. i was told somewhere else that the 302 HiPo was another name for the 302 BOSS engine but im unsure if this is correct. just wondering because the person who sould us our mustang said that it had a 302 HiPo under the hood, thanks.
  2. there was a 302 made in 1968 considered to be a "hipo" amoung the other 302's that year, it was produced with a 4v instead of the normal 2v and was rated at 230 hp with 310 torque. This is known as a J code engine if the tag is available.

    There was also a Boss 302 in 69 and 70 which had 290 hp and 290 torque. This was a G code.

    Dont know if that helps any...
  3. M67C,

    You nailed it exactly as I would have noted. Additional note, the 1968 Shelby GT-350's came with the "J" motor, and were the slowest of the Shelby's! Gimme a Boss and those glorious heads anyday!!!
  4. Considered is the key word here, it was not called that like the 289 hipo
    was. I think this is what Historic was getting at. Get the numbers from
    behind the starter/heads and that will tell you what it really is.
  5. thanks alot guys it really helped ill check for the engine code crushnut. btw i think it is a J code because the chances of a Boss is highly unlikely and it is a 4v carb engine.thanks guys
  6. ok i went to look for the engine code on the block itself but could not find it. if anyone knows where to find it on a 68+ engine i would really appreciate it. i did however stumble across the VIN number which really does no good because it's not the original engine. but according to the VIN (6R07A226698) it had and maybe still has a 289-4v, this would make sense only that the car has 89,502 miles and i doubt that it is the original engine but it could have been rebuilt over the years. any input would be greatly aprreciated, thanks.
  7. If you were looking for the casting number on the block, then save yourself the time and don't look. The casting number doesn't tell what the engine was, only when it was made, what department made it, what car it was for, what it is(engine, exhuast manafolid, ect.), and any changes that were made to it. There might be another number that will tell you what you're looking for, but I remember when I searched my block I found nothing of the sort.

  8. The so called "J" code 302 really wasn't anything special. All it was, was a warmed up 302 with the earlier small chambered 289 heads on it ( recast with updated casting #'s) and a cast iron 4 bbl intake ( again just a recast 289 iron 4bbl intake.) Really just what you could say was a stroked "A" code 289. The only reason that they MIGHT be worth more than a std 302, is they were only offered in the 68 Stangs, and to someone who wanted their car restored to "original" they'd be worth more. Otherwise don't waste your time and money looking for one.
  9. To confuse matters more, there is a blue and silver valve cover decal that sez; "Ford Powered by 302 high Performance" Ii remember asking about these years ago and was told there was no such thing. They do look original with the Ford logo. Guess you could put them on a "modified" engine/motor.
  10. The only thing i can say about how they might be interpreting it as a HIPO is the mexican block 302's they were mostly for trucks and had the same thick main caps like the 289 k code or "HIpo" the other only way to tell if it is a boss or not the boss engines had 4 bolt mains and the mexicans had the thick two bolt ones.
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  11. I know there was a High Performance 302, but never a HiPo.
  12. The Boss 302 blocks are easily identified by their lack of freeze plugs, they have screw in core plugs, not pressed in freeze plugs.

  13. I believe that there was in fact a HIPO 302 available in 68, and it was rated at over 300 HP, and was available through special order only. It was not the "J" code 302.
  14. BTW, I don't think it was called "HI PO" either.
  15. Ford has obviously made many hi performance motors over the years and many are casually called HiPo's. The only motor truly refered to and called a "HiPo" is the 289/271 hp K motor. Ask 20 true Ford enthusiasts what a HiPo is and the 289/271 hp motor is the answer you will get every time. (Just the opinion of a HiPo owner!!)