A buddy of mine is wandering whts the easyest way to get 400RWHP out of a 2.3T?

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  1. ???????
  2. some head work, 30lbs boost, a crazy cam, intercooler, open exhaust. i dunno thats just my .02
  3. Put the engine on a go kart instant 400RWHP
  4. I'll give you five names to research young one, find out as much as you can and report back to me.
    1. Joe Morgan
    2. Allen Moore
    3. RANDY
    4. Greg O'brien
    5. Matt Culpepper

    Nobody tell him if you know..... :)
  5. Joe Morgan 8.143 171.12

    Wow, if that is a 2.3 then he is cookin' :nice:
  6. 400 wheel horsepower? that's easy, all you need is a 300 shot of noss!

    and two big bottles!
  7. getting to 300 isn't that hard, getting to 400 just requires a tenacity I don't care to be bothered over. I say build it like my SVO (cheap) then run a 75 shot, and you're probably somewhere over!
  8. Thats exactly what I'm doing. I'm looking for a solid 300hp, plus my usual dose of 100shot or more.... :)
  9. I say Randy's recipe is about as cheap as it comes without spraying it...
  10. Ill give you a hint...you need more boost,more fuel, and more flow...and something to tie all those together with.. :nice:

  12. That last guy is a trash picker, you know that #5, a real shady dude!!!! I heard that he has made a complete car out of junk parts. Geez who would ever do that and bragg about it?
  13. 351W, 2.3T badges, done. :D

  14. Holset turbo(inturnal or exturnal BOV which is better? which holset would be good for 400hp?)
    boost controller?
    larger injectors(how large)/fuel pump
    port and polish(head, intake and manafold)
    e6 manafold
    3in exaust
    what size TB would be good to go with this?

    Best i could think of just dont know what sizes would be good.
  15. Oh a Ranger roller cam and followers.

    hows that sound?
  16. if you are going port the stock head, I doubt that most people, who aren't pro's could port all 8 ports and do the nessicary bowl work to able to produce 400hp at a decent boost level. You might have to send the head off to a good head shop, with a cnc mill to get the results your looking for. Or you could send it to a extrusion hone shop, and go that route. You wont make as much power, but the price is alot cheaper I belive. And a quicker turn around too.
  17. How much money do ya have? It's some what simple to do 300 but after that requires good thinking with a little extra cash. Now keep in mind I'm sure you can do it without doing some of this crap but this is the way I would do it my self.

    -Rebuild the bottom end
    -buy a aluminum head and have it ported.
    -a mean ass cam
    - T-03/04 turbo ( this should support 450hp)
    -Bob's log header
    -custom 3 1/2" DP ( probaly use a external waste gate)
    -full 3" exhaust system ( yes I would still use a cat/muffler)
    -45 lb injectors
    - Gutted upper intake and Knifed lower
    -SDS ( some kind of tunner but I just like a SDS my self)
    -FMIC ( something a hair better than a Volvo set up)

    Well it's mostly wishfull thinking on my part :D
  18. I think lots of stickers and an aluminum wing are in order here, but be careful as you might blow the welds on your intake.

    It happened to me right after my diamondplate floorpans flew off. :nice:
  19. A ranger roller is wayyy too small for 400 hp.
  20. 1:the Holset is a good (cheap) pick and will flow over 400 rwhp.

    2:larger injectors ive usualy around 72pph , though i think u could squeeze 400 with those dodge 52's.

    3: porting the head is as easy as you make it, follow the tips and guides found here and on turboford, it'll be fine.

    4:3in exhuast, good.

    5:t/b , seen it done on both the stock and a 65mm (supercoupe?) ones from the junkyard...its an "ok" step, will make things easier later on.

    6:ranger cam :notnice: you need something higher lift, esslinger sells some roller cams that will work with the roller rockers you may have already from the ranger setup.

    7: e6, yes it can be done on an e6, but a header of any sort will easily boost your ability to reach that 400hp. Results on stinger's and Rod, Bob's are 20-30rwhp...so you can see how its a major "cheap" step closer.

    8: your gonna need engine management of some sort, either a tuner with a tunable ECU, or a standalone. The later is recomended as its only a few hundred bux more than a tuner setup and blows the tuner outa the water.

    Or you can be like 351w , build a 300hp motor and spray it 400 which its cheaper, and nitrous on a turbo aplication is double bonus. Seen people spray 50/75hp shots and gain over 140rwhp.