A buddy of mine is wandering whts the easyest way to get 400RWHP out of a 2.3T?

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  1. where do are you getting all this money :scratch: you should just drive the 4cyl and save up and porche....... a real nice used one might be cheaper
  2. I hate porche, Iam not a bit euro car kinda guy...becides whats the fun of buying a car that has all you need when building it would be better.
  3. Is your philosophy" If it's not broke, Fix it until it is" :D
  4. yep

    and as a buddy of mine says for his ford if it aint leaking somethings wrong which is true in most cases if his truck isnt leaking he checks to see if fluids are low and sure enought they are lol...

    same was tru for a mustang I used to have...
  5. Well if you got the money to waste, then get started :nice:
  6. Iam getting there got to fix the front end damage first...
  7. Just for kicks make a cost sheet for every penny you've spent on this car including buying it, fixing the wrecked damge and the work to turn it into a 400rwhp road racer. I know I've got about 6k tied up into my 93'LX and the damn thing barely does the speed limit :eek: Anyways, then compare the build cost to the price of a GT mustang, MM&FF had a cheap road race build up using a old GT fox body. I think they had it in shape for like a 1k and the total cost was like 3500.00. Heck I found a used Saleen fox going for 4k so fair on Ebay and saw one sell for 7900.00. I was going to buy that 7900.00 one and changed my mind and bought the SVO since it was 5k cheaper :nice: I'm such a cheap person that I went from about to buy a stage 3 Roush stanng to a 4k SVO :rolleyes: O well but the way I see it is the money saved allowed me to take a awsome vaction :p
  8. creative money management such as this always gets me into trouble...
  9. Thats ok...will be here to help you through the tough times :D

    It's 100.00 an hour with a min 2 hours a week charge :crazy: :banana:
  10. yeah I got the papers for the cost of the car, iam gonna do a suspention upgrade I got my rims I want, there the funky svo looking kinda rims from the GT350 but I diden tknow nothing about the 2.3s then and sold that wish i hadent cause I could of used the motor:D.

    Iam gonna find a turbo motor and do a cheap build up(JYRULES).

    Get a list of what I need then have a hayday at a JY.

    but Iam gonna have to spend like 400bones at bobs for an intake and exaust manafold and other stuff.

    gonna have to find a place to port the head cause I dont want to **** that up.

    Figure out what tires will be good for my 15's.

    A LSD will be last on the list, I got the 5speed just need to get the petalsand steeda clutch quadrant and firewall adjuster and try axe shifter(hehehe).

    All in all i think I can do it under 3500, cause us nebraskians can do things cheap as hell but perfer to do it the expencive easy way but still love doing it the hard way, knwo what I mean?
  11. First off don't part out a GT350, these cars are very rare :D

    Second of all go buy a 87-88 Thunderbird (TC), there is a ton of these made. This will save you a lot of problems hunting down parts. This has a LSD with disc brakes. Now if you get a automatic 87-88 TC these came with the 3:73 gears.

    Third of all, once I got to the point where it was going to cost me 3500.00 bux I desided to buy a SVO :p I was going to buy a 5.0 but the guy sold it before I could get it :(

    Fourth of all I should have went with a 5.0, since it's so much easier to get parts for.
  12. this entire post

  13. hey buddy thanks for stopping by.
  14. I still have the its an 84 gt350(20th annavursury edition) and whats left of the harness, needs some body work and some seals, front seats hood and a motor and trans, rims tires.

    I got a 351w that I got for it but that project failed..... so its all just sitting in my garage.

    you think I should of went with a 5.slow? Iam sorry why would I want something that everyone has?

    both projects are on hold due to famaly problems so I need to sell the hatch and of course the motor goes with it...

    anyone intrested 500$ bodys in good shape needs some work thou but if you got other parts sitting around then you dont have to do much, some rust on the rear quarter pannals and lower door skins.

    The 351w came out of a old work truck that some farmer had and only put about 15K on the clock....he wrecked the truck and i got the motor for 200bones.

    no pics yet...
  15. You should find a plain jain car to do that to and let the Gt350 go to someone who can keep it original.

    What did you want for it?

    Don't get too excited about the ole truck windsor either. Unless it was a 69 or so its not making much power either.
  16. oh never mind I see the price what else is missing from the mustang?

    Where do you live?
  17. the 351 came from what I beleave an 80s f150. its the fuel efficent version(2barrol carb).

    well it needs front seets a screw kit for the interior pannals, seatbelts(there broke), other than that thats it.

    location is nebraska i will get picks asap...
  18. wow nebraska isnt that far from Va
  19. Could we have another Saved GT350 and him another car to the list :shrug: Tune in tomorrow to find out :nice:
  20. Hey I would rather have someone restore it cause i just dont have the time nore the cash at the moment....