A burnout pic from this weekend

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  1. This weekend was cool! My company and two others rented an 1/8 mile track for the day for our local SVTOA chapter. Perfect weather (a little hot, but it could have been much worse) and a great turnout.

    It was fun to have the keys to the amusement park! :nice:


    I've got lots of other pics from the day, with everything from fox bodies, SN95 and S197. GT500's, Cobras, and more. They're the same size as this shot of my 92, so let me know if you want to see some more.

    Thanks for looking! :flag:
  2. new background. great shot there. more pics would work !
  3. Thanks! I handed my camera to a friend and told him I was going to go make a hit.

    The rest are my shots, I'll start with fox body stuff first, of course:

    This car is scary fast, and a slick track caused it to crash during the event. :( Damage was minimal, you can see it in the burnout shot:




    Really nice 88 coupe I found in the parking lot:

  4. AWESOME pic, man!
  5. Ouch. Poor GT. :( Nice Notch though. :drool:
  6. The pass where here crashed is at 4:08 or so in this video:


    I'm the one in the black shirt standing there watching the scene unfold. My friend was smart enough to keep clicking photos.

    Moments before it was my first pass of the day, a BLISTERING 8.80 with a 2.2 60'! LOL I blew off the tires in 1st, 2nd and 3rd. Hell, I rarely spin so much in 3rd on the street. haha

    Got it into the 7s a little later that day, though. Never could manage more than 1.9 sixty, though. Slick track > my driving skills.
  7. Windows down, no helmuts and a poorly prepped track? Yikes.

    Looked like fun, but a track that cares so little wouldn't get my business much!

    Just my take, pics look badass!
  8. no mirrors on the notch.looks wierd.
  9. We're rednecks, what can I say? :D

    It's a *very* rural 1/8 mile track, and the rules were pretty lax. In essence, we got what we paid for, though. Prep was nonexistent, but we made them spray some VHT when a few guys had some scary launches. They told us the asphalt surface simply doesn't hook in the heat of the day. Had our event been at night, we'd all have seen better times. I was happy to have the water box and timeslip manned. Last year, we had to do that ourselves.

    Memphis Motorsports Park, our NHRA track, costs roughly 10x as much to rent only ONE LANE. :nonono: Not too much fun for a small local car club whose annual budget is less than the price of that single lane at MMP.

    Thanks for the props on the pics!
  10. my local track does all that but make you wear "helmuts" unless your faster than a certain time. aka, faster than me. i never understood why windows up is a rule? can someone explain?
  11. None of the rules make sense for slower cars, but running 12s, 11s, 10s and better it does.

    We have a podunk redneck track near us, but they have more rules than that.

    All that matters is how much fun it was, right? :D
  12. no really, whats with windows up?
  13. It was a lot of fun! :D

    To be fair, we were pretty good about keeping things safe for our members. "Fast" cars ran alone or against an equally matched/equipped car, and the slower cars ran with other slower cars.

    Besides, we had at least one pickup truck there in case we had to throw someone in the back to run to the hospital! haaha

    Pretty sure the intent is to keep things (debris, etc) from either flying into your car and hitting you, or keeping your own hands/feet inside the car during a pass. Obviously, a window can break in a crash, but the glass does provide a measure of safety over having the windows down. That's my guess on the rule. :shrug:
  14. More pics of the notch!!!!! Are those centerline telstars in 17 inch???
  15. All 3 of those are sexy. Dang...Foxes kick ass. :nice:
  16. Not sure about the wheels, but maybe this pic will help you. It's the only other shot I got of that car.

  17. badass notch! kinda looks funny without mirrors tho.

    btw...what camera is that? pics are extremely clear!

  18. Canon Rebel XTi

    Nice pics, makes me reaaaally miss going to the track.
  19. Thanks.

    It was my first trip to any track (running) in quite a while myself.

    It is a Rebel XTi, and all the photos above where shot with a cheapy 75-300 telephoto lens. I am dying to get a really nice lens or two.

    Here's a few more shots from that day, albeit not 5.0 related:




  20. Good glass will certainly make a difference :nice: