A/C compressor - York/Tecumseh style '67


New Member
Dec 14, 2018
Hobe Sound, FL
Need to know the dimension across the bottom mounting holes from front to back so I can get the bracket spacing correct. The basket case I'm helping a friend reassemble has the compressor brackets but no compressor, and is missing some of the spacers, which is why I need to know how wide (or deep) the compressor body is at the lower mounting holes so I can install the correct spacers. Why don't I just go out and buy a compressor? I want to get the engine running (which is currently on a test stand) and need to tighten all water pump bolts so I can add coolant, but want to get proper spacers ahead of time so I can just drop compressor in at a later date. Does anyone know what this dimension is? I'm guessing it's in the neighborhood of 4 5/8".


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