A/c Condenser Mounting???

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  1. Kinda stuck here. Anyone have any good, close up pics showing how the A/C condenser is mounted?

    The guy I bought this car from in his infinite wisdom decided to remove and discard the A/C system.

    I've pieced together another one to replace it with, but I haven't the foggiest idea how to mount the condenser in place? I see a spot at the top of the core support where two small brackets might go to secure the top of the condenser, but I have no idea what's supposed to hold it in at the bottom?

    I tried looking for exploded views of the area online, but to no avail? :shrug:
  2. There are two brackets at the bottom with rubber cushions that the condenser sits in at the bottom.

    Not much help with a pic, but at least you can see if you have the lower brackets in your car. They bolt to the radiator support
  3. Nope, no brackets. Looking at the lower core support, mine is a little rotted around the edges, which has me wondering if the spot where they bolt onto even exists anymore?!?

    These are the brackets I dug out of the parts box. Look about right?

    View attachment 123623

    I'm guessing that the two on the bottom are the uppers, and the ones on the top are the lowers?
  4. I believe you are right about which are the uppers.

    I wanna say there are mounting holes that screw into the rad support on the frontside. Laying on your back looking up you should see them.

    I know...pic is worth a thousand words here
  5. I got full A/C, cannot post a pic until 2rw. Someone may beat me to it, but if not I can snap some no prob.
  6. I appreciate the help fella's. Right after I made the last post I went out and looked at it again....this time from my back on the ground and wouldn't you know it, the mounting points were just where Mike said they were at the front of the core support. Even still had the clips in place. Once I got them in, it slid into place, slick as snot.

    I'm kind of in the middle of my little wire hiding project and figures since I was going to have the rad tilted forward anyway, it might be a good time to set the condenser in place. No sense ripping it apart a second time when I decided to finally hook the A/C up.

    Thanks again for the responses Gents. :nice:
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  7. Might be a good time to put that foam weather seal in between the condenser and radiator GB. It does help it perform a bit better.
  8. Are you talking about running it around the edges of the tanks to keep air from escaping between them?
  9. More, along the outside edges of the condenser so that there's no air-gap between it, and the radiator.
  10. You think it improves airflow and cooling that much? I would have though the air gap between them would have allowed a little more radiant heat to escape the condenser?
  11. It does. It forces air though the fins on both instead of allowing airflow to come in from around the edges. Path of least resistance, and all that.
  12. I've seen it make a pretty dramatic difference when sitting in traffic, with the A/C running, on a hot day. Air gets considerably cooler. Particularly if you're running an electric fan.
  13. Sold! Gonna go pick up some weather stripping this afternoon. lol