A/C Eliminator Question

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by djk8705, Dec 15, 2003.

  1. Ive been looking into the A/C eliminators because mine doesnt work and Id like to get rid of it under the hood and hopefully free up some horsepower. My question is, what type is best? There are the ones that move the Power-steering up to where the A/C was and then there are others that just have a bolt on pully where the a/c was. Is it important to move the powersteering up there for weight issues? If I move the powersteering up there will i loose a pully totally???? Please help me out here, and if you have any pictures of ur A/c deletes please show me. Thanks alot
  2. teh FRPP (ford racing) one is the one that moves the PS pump up top...no wieght transfer, its only moving it up a few inches....and with teh FRPP one u will loose a pulley altogether, :nice: and the other ones, march for example, u get an idler pulley..ugly in my opinion. My vote goes for the Ford Racing kit.

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  3. Thanks, So If I did get the FRPP one, what belt would I need to buy? and what tools do I need for removing the belts and putting on the new one? If anyone Has a picture of this set up ... please Post it!..

  4. I looked into this earlier today, and found the upr one is the one everyone is raving about, I guess it's top notch an dyou use the same belt, and it can be used with a supercharger unlike the march. ,,,,just what i learned today....
  5. So With the braket that move the PS up and I loose a pully all together will I never be able to put a supercharge on that setup? Any help?
  6. The FRPP one is just the factory brackets that come on non-A/C 5.0's. You would just go ask for a belt for a 5.0 Mustang with no A/C....unless you added pullies.

    I don't see why you couldn't use a supercharger with this as well...at least a vortech would work
  7. With the march you can't supercharge I guess, from what i read, there is some old posts in here about trouble trying to line up the ford kit, had to cheese it with some washer etc.. try searching for it and you'll find something...
  8. sorry i was backwards.. i just found one of the ones I read earlier, search for a/c delete and you will get a ton
  9. Save yourself a lot of headaches and get the UPR eliminator pulley. I agree it doesn't look as clean as the FMS but works so much better. I have owned both and finding a belt that will work with the FMS is a pain and just about impossible with a supercharger. It is such a tight clearance between the idler and the water pump pulley that it doesn't give you much choice. If you are running under drives or a blower it throughs everything off. I tried 8 different belt lenghts when I installed my supercharger and none of them would work, either too tight or too loose. I finally got one that worked and after a few days of being on the car it stretched and started rubbing the water pump pulley. That was the last straw. I bought the UPR pulley, installed a factory length belt and love it. Plenty of clearance and no more belt guessing.
  10. I bought the ASP pulley delete, its just like the upr except the design is oh so slightly different. I like it, the reason i wanted this one is because the powersteering is gonna get removed. So if you plan on removing yours as well get an idler, works great!
  11. its liek 35 bucks dont worry about a supercharger if its like 2 years down the road....teh FMS one is clean and looks stock. u dont have a useless ugly idler pully just sitting there. Every car is diffferent with belt sizes once stuff is changed. if u have everything else still on (liek smog) then just go tell the auto store u need a nbelt form yourcar with no a/c. thats only if u dont have underdrive pulleys. if u do have them or have teh smog or anything else deleted just bolt up the FMS kit and route a rope around the pulleys the same way the belt would go and get the legth. tell the store that length. as far as taking off the belt u only need a ratchet or wrench. i put it on the tensioner(bolted to alternator) and pull up..that will make the belt loose and u pull it off
  12. How come when changing pulleys they say to use a Harmonic Balancer to remove the belt properly? Also If I do order the frpp one, do you know which belt size I will need? because I would hate to have the AC removed and the PS bolted on and then not able to drive for a week untill a belt comes in....

    Thanks in advanced
  13. I used a 84.5" belt with my Ford racing kit.
  14. Thanks I think I will order the FRPP one in a few days. Does Anyone know what kinda HP I can expect by deleting my AC?

    Thanks everyone
  15. horsepower gains will vary with the amount of mods you have done to your motor. mainly doing the a/c delete will save you around 40 lbs. is what everyone says. it will cut down on the drag of rotating mass due to one less restriction (a/c pulley) i'd say all in all not over 5 horse.
  16. Umm, its not useless, if you dont want powersteering you will need it. It's an aluminum piece so its not ugly either, but i also dont go driving down the road with no hood, so it doesn't matter either way.

    Nothing wrong with a idler pulley, i'd rather have this then relocate the powersteering.
  17. Better to relocate the pwr steering pump, less chance of it leaking.

    Shorter belt is better and useing a idler is ghey, just as well leave the A/C pump on !