Electrical A/c Issues

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by 03_TrueBlue_GT, Aug 8, 2013.

  1. Hey guys my 2003 Mustang GT is having some issues with the A/C. A few days ago it stopped blowing cold air, I went ahead and added some more freon into the system and replaced the #23 fuse which had blown out. After I did that it blew cold air for a little while, then stopped again. I went ahead and checked the low pressure switch which gave me a good reading, then on the compressor side I was getting like 1 volt which is not good. The system is holding a good charge, but the compressor will not engage at all when the A/C is turned on... I tried jumping the compressor to get it to turn on, but it did nothing and blew out the #23 fuse again. So this tells me that I have short somewhere or my system is low on freon, which is not right bc its holding a charge... So far thats what I have discovered.

    I have read that the compressor could be bad, *but I don't believe it to be bad* or the CCRM is going out.
    Has anyone ever had this issue? I really miss having my A/C during the summer and want to fix this myself if at all possible.

    Thanks for any advice or help.
  2. I took it to one of our families shops to get a diagnostic test done on it. Hopefully they can get it figured out for me.
  3. Well good news got the problem resolved. Turned out I had a bad CCRM, the shop replaced it for me and my a/c blows ice cold again.
  4. Cool...It's rare that those go out but good it wasn't an expensive fix.
  5. Yeah I never really knew much about what the CCRM was for. Apparently the only place you get one new is from Ford or go digging through a salvage yard for one. I opted to get a new one cause the auto yards around here are high on used parts, and I always buy electrical parts new too...