A/C not working


New Member
Sep 17, 2020
Las Vegas

I have a 02 mustang V6 3.8L and a few months back the A/C system stoped working I was told the compressor leaked and needed to be replaced. The compressor was replaced the system was recharged it worked for few hrs and the all the pressure came out through the expansion valve just under the compressor.

I took it back to the shop and was told the system was contaminated and everything needed to be replaced, Compressor, both lines, dryer/accumulator and condenser where replaced and the evaporator was flushed and dried.

few hrs later I drove the car with the A/C turned on parked it got in minutes later and as soon as I turned on the car the pressure came out again through the expansion valve, took it to another shop they claim that the only thing will solve the problem was if the evaporator was replaced as well because they could still see dirt in the system but I’m doubtful because I saw when the evaporator was flushed and the mechanic called me in the shop to show me that there was nothing contaminating the system.

in short all new components except the evaporator, the high pressure goes above 250 psi and never drops when the car is accelerated, the pressure is usually released through the expansion shortly after the car has been driven with the A/C on for few minutes, and in one occasion it did while I was at a red light.

any suggestion would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance.
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