A can of Fix a Flat..oh boy

Discussion in '2007 - 2014 Shelby GT500 Tech' started by The Fang, Mar 25, 2006.

  1. Well you can look forward to a little less weight in the new shelby with no spare tire. It says in the pre order pdf that you get a can of fix a flat repair kit instead.
  2. And you get Ford Roadside assistance to rely on.:D
  3. How is the Ford Roadside Assistance? I have AAA and they are pretty good, but usually slow getting someone out to you.

    As for the Fix-a-flat, I guess if you are driving a GT500 around and had a flat, you wouldn't really want to pop on a doughnut spare!
  4. Umm...the car has pretty big breaks...I don't know if they make a spare that big to just "pop" on.
  5. Actually, that's not too bad. Most of the high performance cars now don't have a spare and come with run-flat tires, which arn't the best for performance. Since they are going the fix-a-flat can route they can save money on tires not having to buy expensive run flats (and pass the savings on to you) and get better performing tires.:nice:
  6. You could always purchase a spare wheel and tire and keep it in the trunk.:D
  7. That's probably another $500+ for that on top of $65,000 for the car.:rolleyes:
  8. I just saw the figures on the weight. 3920 for the coupe and 4k on the vert. ouch. nowonder they want to lighten the load.
  9. now i bet you wish you had on star..... lol