A Classic Mustang, is a Classic forever even with EFI

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  1. So What do You think??
  2. Well the person, I opened this thread for, is nonresponsive.

    It appears Soaring1 has a pathological need to argue with an entire forum, than participate in a discussion the proper area.
  3. No offense, Tubo; but would you please keep Soaring1 and mikethebike over on tech?

    [James Garner Voice]
    "We got us a nice quiet friendly little discussion group here; and we don't want anybody coming over and starting something we gotta finish.

    "Don't get me wrong, we can and will finish it; and pretty handily at that! But, doggone it all, we just don't see no need to get ev'rybody all riled up unless'n it's necessary."

    Thanks, man.

    EDIT:Saves us from having to do all the "email dumps" and "DOS Bombs" that are such an integral part of showing pseudo-harda$$e$ the error of their ways. I especially feel bad in "the morning after" those late night maneuvers....
  4. Dont think theres a problem Dreamin'. I think this thread will die quickly.
  5. hey, give mikethebike some credit. he has calmed down a lot since he started here. as for soaring1, he just needs to be slapped down a bit and he will be fine also.
  6. Soaring1 was a moderator on Mustang Forums, he got replaced in that function for arguing with everyone including the other mods. I really think he doesnt care that much about his topic, hes just pathologically driven to argue.
    Trying to reason with him is like waving a red flag at a bull. My bet is he wont stop till he's run off.
    I'm not so lilly white on this; I watched MF for a year or so, dident join ..seemed too many 16 year old kids asking "whats the best color to paint my lug nuts".
    Daze & JamesW. are buddies of mine, both said I should give the forum there a chance..So I did, using the name Mr. Classic EFI, specifically to goad Soaring. Reading his posts there had pissed me off.. bla,bla. But Dang if he wasnt ousted the day I joined the forum there. Just hapenstance.
  7. Actually on Myth busters they showed that it doesn't matter what color the flag is, white, blue, red... it's all the same.

    but back on topic...
  8. You sure know how to take the fun out! ;)
  9. I'd rather not piss all over the forum, like he seems to be intent on doing.
    I mean Dude is gonna, rather Has, PO's enough folks, that I dont want crap thrown at him to splash on me.
    Like I said We NW Florida guys gotta set some higher standards, on the forum threads
    I would like for him to come onto this thread, and expound on, or try to qualify his opinion, instead of; EFI not= Classic, EFI not= Classic, EFI not= Classic, EFI not= Classic, EFI not= Classic, add nausiam. It's got me thinking he's just a bitter old fart, who's once lofty(in his mind)status is gone. He dosent realize he gets no respect, because HE has ceased to be worthy of any.
    Yeah, Soaring come read this, & try and prove me wrong!!
  10. Oh, no! If you take a thread off topic on THIS Forum; you can't just shove it back on-topic yourself! It requires that one or more of the Professionals of the GCTRT (Gutter-Closet Threadjack Removal Team) put it back to right! Usually, this requires a little time spent on the new topic; before restoration to the original topic. I don't see Fritz or Dan around here; so I'll attempt to do this myself, before calling them in for backup....

    Yeah, bovines are essentially color-blind; so the color is not nearly as important as the motion of the cloth. Quick, erratic movement will attract bulls; movement such as the flapping of a GREEN uniform vest in a breeze. They will run to investigate this movement; and if the vest's wearer realizes that 1800 lbs of "ornery live hamburger" is bearing down on him and runs away; it only further arouses the bull's curiosity. Which is how a 17-year-old can end up thrown across and partially over a fence with said bull head-butting his boots; crushing vertebral discs at L3, L5 and L6, and intermittant pain which can flare up even 28 years later.
    Don't ask me how I know; right now I'm still waiting for the 800mg of Advil to kick in...


    While it is true that certain rare examples of a vehicle's "breed" could and should be restored to "showroom" condition; it is not necessarily mandatory for the owner to do so! Studies have indicated that a motor vehicle often becomes an extension of its owner's personality; and therefore ends up being "personalized". Such personalization can run the gamut from stylized seatcovers and fuzzy dice hanging from the mirror to obscene paintjobs to "radical surgery" in the engine compartment; such as a stroked FE engine in place of a 200 CID six (with, hopefully, the necessary suspension/drivetrain modifications) - or perhaps even the "importation" of later-model Mustang EFI systems. Sometimes the modifications go beyond anything that was attempted by the factory (like an EFI 351 Cleveland), and the necessary parts can be rather pricey; but the owner is determined to have it someday, and will scrimp and save to purchase the parts and make the modifications. (Like how long it's going to take me to save up the $2300 that Mass-Flo EFI wants, plus the cost of new fuel lines and high-pressure fuel pump for the Cougar!) All of this on a "Classic" car. Has it become "No longer Classic?" Look at it this way: I just heard that a friend of mine is on "the list" for a possible heart transplant. If she gets a new heart, will she no longer be the friend I've known for 20 years?

    Now, obviously there will be those who frown upon this; but modern etiquette should indicate that the nay-sayers always remember that "It's your car, man". Because it is my car, man; it's not some rare Cat, it's a '73 XR-7 hardtop with a grocery-getter 2V Cleveland and an FMX. I got it because the PO owed me money, and I can make it become whatever my heart desires and my wallet can stand. You may not like it; but you're not required to like it! I only ask that you refrain from putting your restrictions on me. If you find that you can't do that; then I'd suggest you crack open your wallet and buy it from me! But be prepared to do that more than once; because I'll just take your money and buy another one and start all over again. "It's my car, man!" :D
  11. I don't understand the idea that EFI on a 302 replacing a 289 is taboo, while I read a post where he encourages a 351w to replace a 289...

    Very schizophrenic attitude.

    I liken the thought to:
    If you use synthetic oil, it's no longer classic...
    If you install a CD changer, it's no longer classic...
    If you add (whatever aftermarket part you like here), then it's not a classic Stang...

    We add modern parts, fluids, conviences to make our time in the car more comfortable, to add longevity to the car, and to add driveability to the car.
    As well as address modern concerns like fuel economy and even safety.

    Who wants to go out into today's world of air bags, crumple zones, anti-lock 4 wheel discs, electronic stability control, variable power steering, etc--ad nausium...
    with their very valuable classic that is totally stock and therefore under braked, underpowered, undercontrolled with sloppy steering, and all with a lap belt (at best)...

    You get smacked by some dolt in a disposeable Kia.
    They walk away and buy another Kia.
    You are in ICU with a totalled Stang.
    But you feel warm and fuzzy because you kept it bone stock! Yeah, right...
  12. Amen, brother!

    Although I did highlight the oxymoron in your post :p
  13. See, nothing wrong with a thoughtfull & civilized exchange of one's thoughts.
  14. Aw, gee, trolling is so much more fun!:p
  15. Very true.

    Having just gone over and read the latest posts on "the other thread", I have two thoughts:

    1.) I saw 2bav8's post; if we see another from him; it will likely be accompanied by a :lock: And it will be deserved.

    2.) A few years ago, we had a member known as SuperDave. SD had a beautiful 64-1/2 'vert; which he bragged upon as being "Stock as a rock"! "The Super One" was a source of immeasurable information on "Classic Restoration"; and he was also very good at helping others modify their Classic Mustangs!
    He was informative, helpful, and very funny; and had a list of 8 "Timeless Wisdoms" on purchasing, owning and maintaining Classic Mustangs; many of which included making mechanical or sheetmetal repairs and/or replacement. He was also quite funny at times - his treatise on testing for a leakey water pump was hilarious and priceless; and became known as "Timeless Wisdom #9".

    SD drifted off the Forum as newbies started "Dissing" him for his thoughts on keeping his car stock. They never even noticed his thoughts on when NOT to keep a Mustang "stock as a rock". His age-induced impairments (cataracts and a TIA, I believe) kept him from taking part in some lively discussions; so he said goodbye. When I read some of the posts and see some of the attitudes over on Tech; I really miss SuperDave......
    He'd have had fun taking Soaring1 to task.

  16. actually, they had an expert on the show who said that they can see two basic colors. where we can see 3. or something like that
  17. I think is is utter blasphemy to put efi on a 289........

    When you could stroke it add efi super/turbo charge it and put a small chain link steering wheel on it. I always say any one can restore a classic to its "origional" condition but it takes a real man to take a sawzall to a classic and make it "His" dream car!!!!! Matching #'s classics are for guys who can't get laid:D :rlaugh:

    This is my opinion. I am not saying I dont appriciate a meticulously (sp) restored classic be it a no frills 200 I6 or a 65 r modle. Its just not what drives me. I even appriciate lowriders, ricers, radical 4x4's and bugs. you asked chris
  18. do that and i will have to put a contract out on you:mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:

    j/k, i would come kill you myself:rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh:
  19. Wow, this thread has longer legs, than I thought.:rolleyes:
  20. Tubo, did you know "soaring" has been banned from VMF at least twice? I think bob blocked his IP the last time so its permenant. :D