A Couple Of Pics

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  1. image.jpg
    Here's a couple of pics from the weekend. Ill get more this weekend when the ignition is fixed image.jpg
  2. Hood is definitely not my taste but the car looks really clean otherwise.
  3. How do you like the Cobra replicas? I really want a set of those for mine.
  4. I wasn't sure when I bought them but once I put them on I think it makes the car. I have 275s nitro on the rear, next set I think I'm going to go with a 295. I have room within the wheel well and I think the rear needs to hang over the lip of the rim.

    As far as the hood, I had no choice this hood barely clears the air cleaner. It has grown on me.
  5. Is that a factory color?

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  6. I LOVE the hood :drool:
  7. Good looking fox.
  8. Yes factory red, it has an orange peel to it in the sun. I've never looked up the actual name but I haven't seen to many reds like this.
  9. Well if it factory what year?

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  10. cervinis 4" hood?
  11. Just took a look its probably Vibrant Red
  12. Thanks. Im debating color for mine

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  13. love it !
  14. Thanks for the compliments, it's been a tough road with this car. The paint although its original is still in good shape. Not winter of 15 I have plans to respeay it.
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