A couple of tweecer questions.

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  1. I recieved my tweecer r/t and after a battle with caledit/calcon, finally got it to log. I plan to upgrade to bineditor/eecanalyzer, but am short on money at the moment. I wanted to have a good idea on the tune before I put the blower, heads, cam and intake on, so i have the car back to stock. I am getting lambses in the 12's and kamrf's at 1.21. Where would I want to start looking to fix this lean condition? Due to it being back to stock, I'd assume it's a mechanical problem.

  2. Congrats on the tweecer...

    When you say 'stock' does that include MAF and Injectors.
    What ecu are you using? Catch code?

    There are several things that can be changed right off the bat, but they will depend on what hardware you have on the car...

  3. Right now, stock maf, stock injectors. Switched over to bineditor and eecanalyzer, and it's an a9p.
  4. Rob,
    just to make sure there isn't something funky going on, start by pulling the engine diagnostic codes. Post what you get.

    After the codes, we'll look into the KAMRF's being so high.
    Can you confirm that the KAMRF's are in fact 1.21?
    I thought the limit was +/- 12%...

    Hopefully others can chime in...
  5. No codes except the intermittant 15 that I'm trying to track down. On rare occasions, when I start the car, it will lose radio presets and throw a code 15. It has happened much less since I moved the black/orange wire from the starter solenoid to the battery. My starter is on the way out and I suspect it just pulls too much current and effectively pulls the battery low enough to cause the code. Other than that, I was chasing a 33 that I finally got rid of by replacing the egr vacuum control solenoid.

    I'll have to check the kams when I get home. I can't find them in eecanalyzer. It gives me ltft instead.
  6. In EA...
    Original Datalog___ Imported As
    LAMBSE1 _______ STFT1
    LAMBSE2 _______ STFT2
    KAMRF1 _______ LTFT1
    KAMRF2 _______ LTFT2
  7. Looks like it was more calcon/caledit problems that got it that high. It is at 1.0547 at idle. When I playback in EA, I get numbers like 3.91 for ltft1 and ltft2 but I can see the regular numbers in the datalog.
  8. Weird

    This may be a question to ask Clint Garrity himself about...

    Sounds like CalCon is logging properly, but EA is doing some kind of conversion to the KAMRF's when importing...

  9. Well, I'm now datalogging in bineditor so I'm getting the normal numbers. It appears that ea playback is giving me a percentage, not the number..
  10. Interesting...

    Thanks for updating...

    Good luck and keep us posted...