A couple quick exhaust clips and new pics

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  1. Question, did you shoot that with a digital camera or a camcorder?

    My digital camera will record video clips with sound, but it won't pick up any high pitch noises...like turbo whine.
  2. That's with a Sony Handicam. Also i forgot to post the other video...

    Same silly intro, different clip
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    I never tried to take a video with my camera. It's got the option to but like you said i doubt it'll pick up the sound right. This clip is in a carwash booth....i did a lot of experimenting and found that if you take a clip in an enclosed area, like a garage or under a bridge or somewhere that'll knock sound back at the microphone, it pics up more sound than out in the open. It does amplify it a tad and make it sound a little louder but you get a better idea of what it really sounds like.
  3. Cone filters are proven to be good for 12-15rwhp...now get rid of that puny exhaust and you'll see another 35+rwhp.

    Edit: It at least looks like puny exhaust in the pics, though it sounds like you've done something to it...

  4. Yeah puny about sums it up....it's the stock 2.25 down pipe with a mere 2'' all the way back, but right behind the gas tank it's got some kind of resonator...no idea what brand as it was in the exhaust when i got the car...i just cut out the stock converter and muffler and welded in a straight pipe.

    Are you the same Stinger that does all the eBay stuff? (yeah duh scratch that...i see your sig now..lol) I was interested in your 3'' kit if so. I've heard mixed reviews on the fitment....is there anything particular i should look into as far as making it an easy install?
  5. Car looks real good! Keep us updated on it!
  6. The merkur kits seem to be the most troublesome to install, mainly because the downpipe area is so small it's hard to get a 3" pipe in there. Once it is installed correctly (takes patience and a lift preferably), the rest is a cake walk.

  7. Does your kit come with the flex section? I've heard people recommend a flex section (whateverthehell it's called lol) right after the down pipe to relieve stress on the turbo.

    As for the lift, do you mean something like jacking the engine up some to get it in? Do you know any tricks to make it easier? Also how far back does your kit go? I'm looking for just a straight pipe kit all the way out the back. This is probably my next purchase so the more i know now the better i'll be, and i'll probably be hitting you up for the purchase.