A couple track video's of my GT500

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  1. Hey guys, Kinda new here so I thought I'd introduce myself and my car.

    I own an '07 Alloy GT500. Last dyno run was 104 deg. in the shop and made 698/610 and has made as much as 713/630 on the street tune. I have the Kenne Bell Stage III, Kooks Long Tubes, Catted Mid Pipe with Magnaflow's, Steeda Tri-Axe, 4" Aluminum DS, Tunnel Brace, BMR Adj. UCA, BMR LCA's, BMR Relocation Bracket's, Steeda Comp Series Springs, Line Lock, 3pc. 20" True Forged Chicanes in 20x9 and 20x10.5 with Nitto 555 255/35-20 and 285/30-20.

    I work overseas so I don't get much time to drive the car. Each time I come home it's a new learning experience. The last time home I made it to the track for the first time. I was running on 275/40-17 ET Streets and wasn't having very much luck getting out of the hole.

    Anyway, here are a couple video's from the track and a little slide show.

    My tuner showing me how to do it.:D

    My best run but I lost to the GTO!!:nonono:

    Slide show...:nice:

  2. got beat by DOC, eh? doc has a fast goat for sure. really fast considering he is set up for road racing. :eek: you should give him a hard time and have hm post up on SN again. it has been a while!

    nice ride! have fun with it!
  3. Great Vid, Thanks for the props!!

    Doc is fast and he was set up for the strip that day. It was fun but I'll be ready for him next time! LOL!
  4. damn he smoked you lol
  5. Very nice car!! well done.:hail2: