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  1. I'm not sure if I'm gonna use Duraspark or Pertronix.....which ever is the simplest set up, with the most bang for least money....:shrug:

    Anybody got part numbers? 1965 200 c.i. 6 cyl. What distributor would you use......???

    The rest of the parts are cleaning up nicely, I should be ready to start bolting them on tomorrow or Monday.:nice:

    I do have to drill out one valve cover bolt.....the b*otch snapped 20+ years ago and I never got around to removing/replacing it........talk about procrastination!:lol:
  2. if you go with the duraspark get a distributor for a 74 or later 200 or 250. best to get one that's pre 80's
  3. How long have you and Sally actually been together?
  4. June was our 22nd Anniversary.:D I rescued her from my brother (IPO #2) for $400.:nice:

    Our first 11 years together was her initial restoration after IPO's #1 and #2 had used and abused her.:eek:
    Then came 5 years as a fairly reliable DD (pre-NHL days), then 2 years napping in a garage at a friend's, and now 4* years of re-resto........

    *(with the interruption of my NHL relapse of '04).
  5. Well, I drilled out the broken bolt, re-tapped the hole (was a 1/4 - 20, it's now a 5/16 - 18) went to install my bright shiny new chrome valve cover, barely got the fourth bolt started and on the third crank of the ratchet the goddamnedmother****insonofa**** snapped clean off..!!!:bang: :bang: :bang: :bang: :bang:
    The bolt head hadn't even come near the lock washer, and the bolt was turning nice and easy, just came right off!!!:crazy::bang:
    So, after much colorful language, I got the drills and taps out again....I now have TWO holes that I need 5/16 - 18 bolts for! (Tomorrow I'll run to NAPA for the bolts and my oil & water sending units, I may also order my dizzy then too!):nice:
    With the exception of the two missing bolts, my new valve cover is on, as is the water neck, water pump, coil bracket, harmonic balancer, fan blade and pulley and upper alternator bracket.:spot:
    Tomorrow I'll finish the install of the valve cover and the lower alternator bracket as well as the exhaust manifold.:spot::banana:

    **EDIT**Almost forgot, Sally is all "dressed" for the winter, her new tarp is on and laced down tight! BTW - She is very much liking the appearance of her engine and thinks her "new" shoes are awesome...!!!!:nice:

  6. sorry to hear that.

    i've come up with an easier way to get snapped bolts off, especialyl valve cover bolts.

    get a flathead screwdriver that has a head with a diameter the same as the bolt, place it dead center on the bolt, and whack the **** out of the back of it with a hammer until you essentially pound a groove into it just like it was a flat head screw!

    then screw out, and voila.
  7. It sounds like the 40+ year old bolts are fatigued. Better get some new fasteners and chase the threads in the head with a tap. I've had this happen on head bolts I was trying to re-use on a Datsun 1200.

    If you don't want to have to up the bolt size, just go buy a 1/4-20 Heli-Coil kit. I'm not even sure if you have enough room on the valve cover bolt clearances for the larger heads of the 5/16 bolts plus a socket on top.
  8. Good idea if there is room for the helicoil, if not try allen head bolts.
  9. I don't recall whether the bolt I broke 20+ years ago was old or new, however the one I broke the other day was brand spanking new, I just bought it from MU as part of their complete engine bolt kit, and knowing my luck, it was the 1 in 100,000 flawed bolt that got missed by the inspectors.

    Too late for helicoils, both holes have been redrilled and tapped, and there was just enough room to get the shallow 12-pt socket on the bolt heads!
  10. Looks good so far...... can't wait to see it with the new rocker cover and accessory brackets. :nice:

    I have to say; the before and after pictures tell a sad story though:
    First: (Before) Bedraggled old motor, all alone (After) New motor, young buck full of fire.

    Second: (Before) Tired old motor and tired old guy. (After)Fresh iron, same old guy :lol:

    I shouldn't say much..... If I were to let the beard grow out (instead of a tight-trimmed VanDyke) and traded my palm leaf bull-rider hat for a canvas "outback" golfer's hat; I'd look like WORTH! :rolleyes:
    I have a friend up in Scottsdale -who's also NHL remissive but only one occurance, and he has as much (or more accurately, as little)hair now as he did before being diagnosed. Phil loves to give me grief about my gray hair. I just keep telling him that it's not my fault that I have more gray hair than he has hair. :rlaugh:
  11. I'll have more pix tomorrow, she's really coming together nice. I'm currently working on polishing the alternator casing, then the fuel pump next. I want them bright and shiney, then I'm gonna clear coat them.
    Ya, but WE never have "bad hair" days!:p
  12. Actually, Phil does! Most of what hair he previously had actually came back (maybe less/lower doses of chemo?) - but you gotta understand that the operative phrase is "...he previously had..."
    He's had a "friar tuck" since I first met him (pre-cancer); now the top edge is just closer to his collar line. He was letting it grow long; and, if you were to pound on his door at 6AM on a saturday, he'd answer it looking like the manager ("Pointy-Haired Guy") in the Dilbert cartoons.

    Haven't seen him in a few months - I heard he went to back combing with a razor - says he doesn't use conditioner, he uses Turtle Wax
  13. I switched to Mother's
  14. Should get Phil to do the same.....his Medterranean olive tones have all but faded out plus, Friedmann ain't all that far from Roemer, genetically. So, the Turtle Wax yellow outta be making him about the color of Stage III liver failure. :rolleyes:

    Meanwhile, as far as that screamin' 200 cid mill goes; :worthlesb
  15. I still have to download today's shots, but here's a teaser...........

  16. Jeeze, Fritz! :damnit: I'm still on dial-up (screw my employer, I'm gonna get a freakin' cable modem if they can't bust loose and put in a DSL ASAM for my neighborhood); and I waited 5 minutes for that picture to show up!

  17. So sorry!

    no I'm not!

    Haven't downloaded the camera yet. Alternator went back on today. I decided against "polish" and clear coat and went with aluminum paint instead, ended up with a more uniform shine.

    Fuel pump got it's first coat and the passenger door shell was moved into the "clean and strip" section of the shop, and was heavily slathered with zip-strip on the inside, next will come the outside, then POR15......yada, yada......new skin is still in it's box.
  18. Hey StD!!!

    These photos are for you................

    1) "new" shoes and freshly cleaned-up engine conspiring to take sally dancing....


    2) Clean engine with (most) of her attachments back on.....fuel pump is next, then carburator is next....


    I still have to replace the dizzy, re-plumb the fuel line from pump to carb, vacuum line from dizzy to carb and the various hoses which I want to replace w/ stainless steel wrapped hoses w/ red clamp covers.

    After I've finished the engine I want to put her back on the dolly and put the tranny on the stand to work on........

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  19. :nice: :nice: :nice: Noiii-iii-iiiiccccccccccccccccee :nice: :nice: :nice:

    EDIT: Remember when the Big Brown Truck dropped off those 351 Cleveland Christmas presents (and I hope to have them installed before Christmas)?
    Packed in the box were two mini-catalogs from Summit. One was for tools (threw it away, 'cause -factoring in freight charges- they'd be cheaper to buy from Snap-On or Matco) and one was for "style accessories" or something like that. I'd have to poke around for that book; but I think they had slip-on braided stainless to cover your stock hoses. Even had clamp covers - in red :nice:

    Of course, if I dig that catalog out; I'll just get distracted by the brush guards, bug shields, FAL e-fans and Magnaflow exhaust kits for Ol' Larry :nonono:

  20. Fritz, just an FYI, i believe the spinner center caps from the 05/06 v6 stangs will fit on your granada magnums. it's a thought to fill up those empty holes.