~A Dozen New Picctures Of My Cobra~

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by 04sleeper, Apr 8, 2007.

  1. Took a few new pictures today. Thought I would share.

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  3. I bumped your other thread not knowing you even had this one up so I'll do this once more.....:hail2:

    I'll ask you once more as well. What is your car lowered with? You take great pics man!!:nice:
  4. Ridiculously fine quality pics. And the car still looks brand new. Incredible.
  5. Fat GSD3's FTW! :nice: looks awesome
  6. Thanks Corey. :cheers:

    I have stock cut front sprigs and H&R Race in the rears.

    Thanks for the compliments all. :flag:
  7. Thanks man. I'm possibly getting 18" chrome replicas with 10.5's in the rear and I'm needing to figure out what would be a good stance. It seems the H&R race springs are the way to go. Thanks man.

    BTW....what exhaust is that? Borla Stinger?
  8. That's no SLEEPER! :rlaugh:

    Anyways, its awesome! :flag: :drool:
  9. They are nice, but if you want to save a little you could cut your stockers, and if you don't like them then you could always switch them later like you were to begin with. But I can tell you you won't want to switch them if you do. The stockers ride great when cut down because they are linear. They do not ride like GT springs when cut.

    The exhaust is Borla, but not the stingers. I bought the quiet mufflers (Borla 14858 Kit).

    LOL... Yeah, I guess not. My user name used to be 89sleeper when I had my 89 coupe, so just to keep things simple I just changed it to 04sleeper.

    Thanks man. Your car is sweet as well. One of the nicest Verts I have seen. :flag:
  10. I thought the "quiet" Borla had the tips that had the inner and outer pipe like the Salleen's does? :shrug: I just bought my Cobra so I'm still kinda new to this. I had a 03', but I didn't have it long enough to mod.:rlaugh:

    My exhaust now is pretty tame and I like it like that. It has the stock cat back with a MAC o/f H-pipe and welded in Flowmaters. I want to change the exhaust, but I don't want it to be any or much louder than it is now. I'll have to check that one you have out.

    Thanks man!!!:nice:
  11. beautiful car man. thats my dream car exactly...color and all.
  12. Beautiful car and great pic quality.
  13. Not a huge fan of red, but in your case I'll make the exception. Car is beautiul, mint condition and amazing quality on the pictures. What rear tires are you running? I need to get some new rears and the like the tread pattern and appearance. Price? thanks
  14. Beautiful car, indeed.
  15. Thanks. The rear tires are Goodyear GS-D3's 315-35-17. They run about $285 or so from Tirerack.com or Discounttiredirect.com.
  16. Are those OEM Ford wheels or are those the 10.5 wide rears? Thanks

    I saw them for $275 on tirerack
  17. They are 10.5 inch replica wheels.
  18. Theres a little corrosion on your Cobra snake emblems, hahaha j/k I lveo your pictures, so detailed.
  19. sweet Cobra looks great wish I could keep mine that clean