A Few Extra '65 Parts For Sale and Wanted in Norcal/Sac

Discussion in 'Engine and Power Adder' started by bwkelley76, Oct 8, 2008.

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  1. I'm a newbie here so I hope I'm doing this right... Not interested in shipping at this time.

    I Just picked up a '65 coupe. I have a few extra parts I don't need and have a list of parts I do need that I will buy/trade for, etc.

    Parts are located in Sacramento but I can deliver or meet up anywhere along HWY 50 From Davis to Placerville.

    I've set up my account here so that you can either PM me, send an email, or just reply here and I'll get back to you.

    Parts I have for sale are for a '65 Mustang and are as follows...

    -Carter/Edelbrock 600CFM Carb w/electric choke, works flawlessly, still on car, can hear run/drive ...$100 or trade for rebuildable Holley 650 Double-pumper

    -Hi-Po 289 Exhaust manifolds, still on car, removing soon for headers ...$100.00/pair or trade for full length tube headers

    -2 used lower grill supports (the lower center piece that sticks out, right above/in front of the hood latch, where the grill and corral mount) (Original Ford) ...$20.00 each

    -1 used front splashguard panel (the piece that fits behind the front bumper, just below the grill) (Original Ford) $20.00

    -2 r/h passenger side headlight doors (Original Ford) ...$20.00 each

    -1 used front Lower Valance, (No lamps, BARE) has a few small dings but looks ok otherwise (Original Ford) ...$25.00

    -1 used 16" electric fan, wiring, relay and temp activation switch ...$40.00

    Parts I need and will trade the above parts for or give you cash ...

    -Need a grill, horse and corral for a '65

    -Need 1 front turn signal lens

    -Need a stock or nice aftermarket automatic shifter for a '65

    -Need 2-chamber Flowmaster (I already have one but need 1 more to make 2)

    -Need chrome trim inserts for '65 grill

    -Need exhaust/full-length headers for a V8 in a '65

    -Need interior door and front lower kick panels for a '65

    -Need a Holley 650 Double-pumper carb

    -Need chrome trim pieces for front and rear windows
  2. Has anyone seen this coke truck before?

  3. i have some turn signal lenses and i have a stock shifter and a b&m pro rachet.

    my cell is 916-402-4821 give me a call and we'll set something up!
  4. I have the grille trim, but I'm in AZ. If you would be willing to deal with shipping send me a message.
  5. I have some flowtech longtubes for a 65'.
  6. thanks for the replies folks. I'm not on this site much these days so I'm going to close this thread. I've replied to all PM's.
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