A few more Cobrask8 Pics

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  1. Before we put the body on Cobrask8, I brought out my camera and took a few fun shots so here they are:

    First one, out of the hood. Dont think I'd make a good engine...
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    Second, we try being a radiator
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    And last, we tried to be the tire. The little girl in the background is my six year old cousin from Chandler AZ. She came out while her mom was in Italy.
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    Alright, place your bets...how long will it take for this thread to get hijacked...
  2. I think you would do o.k. as a radiator; you seem to be keeping your cool. As a tire you will need to be tucked into the fender a little but appear to be planted pretty well into the grass. You will never do for an engine though: the driver wouldn't be able to see around your intake. :D
  3. About this long :p

    Deanna, I was thinking (Don't believe your Uncle Fuzzy; I still am capable of doing that!); and I had a few thoughts that seem to have coalesced into one central idea:

    1: You've grown up in the Classic Muscle culture. Admittedly this was through hanging around that gray-haired cheap guy; and you've absorbed more knowledge than many of us on the Board. You've put quite a bit of time in on both Cheapie and Cobrask8 - for your Dad

    2: This is (to me) an honorable effort; and one which has kept you away from many of the dishonorable aspects of teenaged life. :nice:

    3: You're getting close to driving age; and you deserve something that reflects these two thoughts.

    So, now that Cobrask8's almost done (well, maybe after the Indian Fire has been sprayed on her body); maybe you should start working on your Dad about teaming up with you for your own "classic" :D

    Gotcha, Dan! :lol: :lol: :lol:
    Hey if'n you all get to laugh at me spending all my "disposed income" on 1/2NK and her horse.......
  4. Now now! I never said you couldn't think, just that it usually wasn't coherent thought!
    But I agree with StD in this case......we need to find Deanna a Classic of her own to start on, and Dan could help fund it with a series of "Daughter of the Cheapsk8" articles for Hemmings.
    Now for MY comments on your photos......:
    1) You lost your "wheel"
    2) Too Cool!
    3) Unprintable because of your age.................... :p
  5. BTW......I know where there is an (almost) Indian Fire '66 Coupe resting away in a field in Orange County, NY............A flatbed (roll-off) truck, a "clandestine" trip (so my cousin doesn't know) and we could have her parked in your driveway over night.
    She has a "Pony" interior in need of mucho TLC, and someone already did an (half-horse-assed) I6 to V8 swap, but nothing a ground up resto couldn't rectify............yet. :nice:
    Oh ya....she's got a vinyl top too!
  6. Wow I envy you in a few years you can hijack the cobra and be the driver.
  7. The first time I get to drive the cobra is when I'm aout 40 or so and dad is 70 and he's sitting in his rocking chair reading Mustang Illustrated and he won't be able to catch me as I start the Cobra up and hijack it for a ride. When I come back however, he may be waiting with his rolled up magazine to hit me a few times.....heh

    As for the '66, it doesn't look that bad from the outside. I don't know how it runs or what condition the chasis is in and all that fun stuff, nor if i could scrounge up the money to restore it. The stang I want is going to be almost impossible to get once I have my full licence.
  8. Wonderful, just wonderful!

    Pick on the old fart!

    Actually the insurance policy on the car prohibits any drivers under 21. (I'll sneak her in at some point though!)

    Yes, I'm sure at some point in time I will be working on a car project for her.

    Dang, forgot what I was going to type next..............
  9. So! THAT's what that smell is!;):D :rlaugh:

    and pigs have wings! :rolleyes:

    ...The '66 would be a perfect garage rotisserie job!, IIRC the floors are okay, but the sub-frames had a couple of questionable areas....was hard to tell where she was grazing............I doubt my cousin would willingly part with it, although his sisters and my uncle would like it off of the farm sometime this decade......... :shrug:

    senile old coot! :p
  10. I wasn't really picking on you.... just helping "gin up" more article ideas! Another build-up; a visit to a lesser-known but exclusive (never over 850 entries allowed) West Coast (almost) Car Show......
    There ya go! "A Young Lady's Pony" Check this out:
    Since "The Cheapskate Chronicles" have come and gone (And I've managed to dig up, borrow and copy a few more of those articles :D ); maybe go in a different direction. How about grab that '66 and convert it back to a Six. Maybe an Aussie head with the FI intake; reprogrammed Mass EFI....... :nice:
    You get to work on that; I think I've "helped" enough already :rlaugh:
  11. Actually, she wants a 69 Vert, so I guess I should start looking soon!
  12. In that case send her to live with Uncle Pak, she can help him resto-repair the Pakratser!
  13. Heh alright everyone, dad turns45 july 4rth so be sure to give him some grief!
  14. Deanna can protect PAK from the roving, killer-attack Farberware that has been on the loose all over northern New England!
  15. Pak's Car

    If Deanna does get his car, will we all call it the Pakratstersk8? :rlaugh:
  16. Pakratstersk8???? Where does the "sk8" come in, you're the Chepsk8, I don't have anything that has to do with "sk8" or not atleast yet... :shrug:

    I dunno how I would get his car, but if I did it would be called...uh...umm..drat dad's senile-ness is rubbing off on me!!!

    Heh it's almost his b-day I gotta get a few good cracks in.
  17. It's EASY to get Pak's car.....

    Just trade him for a Mach 5!!!!!
  18. Now, hang on there; I've got to stick up for your Dad on that one!
    The very first time I read an episode of "The Cheapskate Chronicles" in MI (or was it MM? doggone CRS!) I saw a picture of him with his pockets pulled inside out, going :shrug: Right then and there before I met all you guys, I had a brilliant insight: "That guy's got at least one teen-aged daughter!"

    That picture is the universal sign of a Dad with a teenaged daughter! :lol:
    See, I have two teenaged daughters; so I'm still looking for creative ways to get a car in even worse shape than Cheapie was in when your Dad got her! :nonono:
  19. Big whoop....El Cheapo is going to be 45 in a few days.......I turned 44 a week and a half ago and no one said bupkus!

    btw---StD, the inside out pockets don't necessarily mean teenage daughter, they just mean you're broke! My pockets have been like that since Nov '99............... :rolleyes:
  20. Ooooops! Sorry!

    Waitaminute! Nobody said diddly-squat when I turned 43 back in January, either! :rolleyes:
    So, there ya go!
    Yeah, but teenaged-daughters are the leading cause of "terminally broke"