A few more Cobrask8 Pics

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  1. DID SO ya senile ol' coot!:fuss:

    at least I think we did!:scratch: :shrug:
  2. Geritol anyone?
  3. Oh lord... Are you guys REALLY fighting about who is the least senile?
  4. We'll fight about anything fun!!!!!
  5. NO! MOST senile! I think.................

    eh.......whatever! :shrug:


    sorry.....no :senile: smilie! :shrug:
  6. A '69 'vert..Now let me see...Who was it that had one of those...

  7. I seems to remember two.......one was sold by it's senile owner and the other one suffered some damage that may or may not have been associated with an attack by a feral pack of Farberware............:scratch:
  8. Fighting? Fighting? Didn't realize I was fighting.
    Come to think of it, I wouldn't call it senile; just "sensory deprivation"; for which I'm still suggesting a week taking a Boy Scout Troop to summer camp! :crazy:
    I can just see the big tough Muh-ween being reduced to a quivering mass of jelly by a bunch of pubescent boys who haven't seen their Mom's and Dad's for week and have spent that time hanging around young-looking Camp Counselors (have of which are kinda cute (for their ages) females! :lol: It's worse than the leg-humper convention that occurs outside the Closet door when the Fuzzy Guy and I invite the Closet Keeper Chick and her blonde sister over for Happy Hour(s) in the Jacuzzi! :rlaugh:
  9. Wait, they have females at these things?! Woohooo!!!!
    I'm in! Do the camp counselors and scout leaders ever have an opportunity to eh...socialize with one another?

    Shoot, when I was 12, I was TRYING to get away from my parents, and when I came home, I was depressed that I had to come back.

    Actually, being that I never was a boy scout (in the litteral terms, I was the kid everyone wanted their children modelled after when I was young though...God what happened? haha) I don't think scout leader would work out to well. But, before my deployment to California for the summer, I had originally intended to volunteer as a coach for one of the downtown YMCA baseball teams - those plans got torn to shreds when the commandant decided I could serve you fine folks better in Afcalistan. Not that I mind...except for the Afcalistan part...geez, couldn't send me to Mayport or Pensacola for the summer? The women there might not hate Marines.

    No seriously, that's a big issue around here. I was in a bar one night talking to this girl, and her friend came over and physical drug her away while saying "I told you to stay away from Marines!" Marines don't have the best of names in the area around Camp Pendleton, and they can spot us a mile away. It's one of the many reasons I don't like California.
  10. Not to burst your bubble, it's not the appearance, it's the smell............. :rlaugh:

  11. Holy sheist batman! 43?! When? How? I thought you was 42 when I left? Have I been gone that long?!

    And I now know "terminally broke". I married the teenage daughter (1/2NK)

  12. It may be...I perpetually smell like grease and jet fuel.
  13. *removes cover* another one bites the dust. Life as you know it, is now over.
  14. WTF???:eek:

  15. july 3rd, 1200 hrs, Ft. Sam Houston.

    We wanted you to spend your hard earned money on the mustang.

    and it was kinda last minute

  16. Uh, yeah! I turned 43 about a week after you split for Ft Andy J!
    Yeah, right! I seem to recall 1/2 grumping about you being terminally broke and banging away at your joint account way back when she was still at Lost-in-the-Woods.

    Yeah, I wasn't even gonna try to say anything.... 'cause it was on, then off, then on, then off, then on, then off, then (I think you get the idea). We were riding more of a roller caoster than you'd find in any "Six Flags" designer's wildest dreams; and I was having a hard enough time keeping up with myself to post anything. Like Justin said, they got married on July 3rd over (sorta) in Blake's neighborhood. When it finally came to fruition (30June); I was all over the web (expedia.com, priceline.com :puke: , hotwire.com), trying to find a decent rate for last-minute flights and motels. Didn't have a lot of $ to play with, so I told Mrs. StDr to go on ahead (for only $540) and take lots of piccies for me. I'll get the snapfish.com address for the picture album here in just a few minutes.

    EDIT:Here ya Go, Pictures here!
  17. yeah, but we were never this broke. I'm gonna have to extend my tour to make up for the debt I have!

    somewhere in the ballpark of 5-600. yeah. it sucks.
  18. **snif**snif** I can still remember when he was just a lump on your couch! **snif**snif**

    Congrats and / or Condolences!
  19. And we can't toss anything at 'em either!
  20. Man, another thread hi-Jack! :rlaugh: