A Few Night Shots of the Beast

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  1. Hey guys. Finally got around to getting some pics of the GT up with the smoked headlights and spoiler moved back.
    BTW, lowered with Eibach Sportlines (sagging in the rear) and the headlights came from MustangTuning. The pics are a bit blurry because of the slow ass shutter speed on the camera. Next time i'll take them at dusk and get some better ones, but what the hell
    Don't mind my friends Accord lol. He's selling it for a red 05 SRT-4 and has learned the error of his ways.
    The red one is my girl's car. Its getting a full Saleen body kit, 18" black DD Bullitts, True dual exhaust w/ headers, and some C-Springs this summer. Posisbly a 75 shot, too. Since she can't go fast, she's gonna make it look good
    The Seqioua is all about looks and has 22" rims, 2 Kicker L7 15's in the back with a MA Audio 4000w amp, custom box(built by him) with a 5 farad cap.....MA Audio 4ch 800w amp w/ pioneer 3 ways and in-dash navigation. The best audio system i've ever heard period.

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  2. Do you own a tripod? :shrug:

    This one looks salvagable. :nice:


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  3. Which side of Houston were these taken?

    Nice looking car:nice:
  4. ...I don't see how that is any better... :p
  5. looking good :nice: . all you need now is a grill delete. That honeycomb just does not look right. :D
  6. He should keep the Honda and return it to stock exterior and just put a Turbo on it.. I'd rather have that :D.. Honda > Dodge :)
  7. Yes, Im trying to get everything done by x-mas. Im getting the rims around July, and i want to go ahead and get the body kit also. So yah im excited.

    And we took the pictures at Memorial City Mall- Foleys parking garage facing I-10.
  8. No need, getting a 99/01 Cobra front bumper and Cobra R hood as soon as i can

    Hence - It was my buddy's camera and after we got to the location for the pics, he realize dhe had a tripod which he forgot at home
  9. Aww.. The complete other side of town :)

    I don't actually live in Houston. I live in the Liberty/Dayton area ;)
  10. i live in galveston

  11. saleen kit with bullitts????

  12. Maybe overnight parts from Japan
  13. Not taking into consideration all of the garbage he's got plastered all over it. I'd take an Accord over an SRT-4 any day. Much nicer car.