A few Pics before Winter

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  1. Finally got some time to give her a wash and wax today. Put the splash guards back on for winter. Put the 10 holes back on last week. Getting her back to winter duty. Sure was nice having the new 2 car garage to wax her in. It was 37 degrees when I was washing her. Hope to have garage insulated and heated by next Winter.

    Hope all are getting ready for Christmas and have a joyous Holiday Season.:flag:



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  2. Yea, I need to wash mine and throw the 10-holes on this weekend. Glad to see your car is looking great as usual!
  3. Looks like I got it done just in time. They are calling for sleet and then 2 inches of snow tonight.

    I like the 10 holes because I have a little more power, but I like the 16" with the better traction. Oh well, can't have it all.
  4. Looks good! Mine is staying in the garage this year. It hurts too much to see it all covered in salt. This is as close as it will come this year...

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  5. Your car is nice. :nice:
  6. Thanks guys. At the moment it is in the garage getting radiator replaced. Now my wife's car, Montana, is not blowing hot air. I am thinking it may be the Thermostat,but will have to check into it more tomorrow. Always something.:rolleyes:
  7. Do you really feel much more power with the 10-holes? I can definitely agree about having better traction on my 16" Ponies with summer treads; even though they're ~$80 tires (the beauty of not having much power!).
  8. Clean car you got there bro:nice:
  9. Thanks 87 Fox

    Teal, when I put the 10 holes back on, it just felt like there was less resistance. There is just less weight to rotate with the 10 holes compared to the Weld and Nexxen combination I had for last 2 months. Not really more power per say. Like when you wear heavy boots and then put on light tennis shoes. No what I mean with that analogy.
  10. Comprende. :nice:
  11. Man i know you like your Welds, but i'm tellin ya your car is HOT with those 10 holes....it's an excellent example of how badass the stock LX can look without all the flashy overdone blingy crap you see these days.
  12. Thanks man. Yea I don't feel too bad having the ole 10 holes on now. They still look good.


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  13. You'd be surprised how much better they'd look if you put some nice modern directional tread tires on them like your Welds have.
  14. Yea, I know. The tires are not very old at all and I just can't justify the expenditure at this time. Things are tight with Christmas and just buying another house, selling the old one.

    But I don't think the directional tires will do very good in snow, but I could be wrong.