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  1. Not a photo shoot (pretty obviously). The car has been getting the Cobra IRS treatment for the past two months so its acquired a lot of dust along with the guts of bugs from the car being driven to me from 6 hours away when I bought it in October. Finally got most of the kinks worked out with the suspension set up so I was able to bring it out of the garage for a few pictures. Anyway, here they are. Hopefully this week I'll detail it and get some proper pictures taken.

    ziGzZJt.jpg xgyjjh2.jpg

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  2. Looks real good. Any pics from the IRS swap?
  3. I absolutely love it.
  4. Nice Mach 1 I love the color! Although I don't really like the cobra bumpers, and spoiler but thats just me. Btw I want those plates, I hate the type they came out before those.
  5. Unfortunately I don't. I was doing it all by myself and spent most of the two months cursing at myself for even wanting to do it! So I never wanted to take the time to take pics. Now that it's in, I feel much better. I haven't gotten a chance to really put it through its paces since its not aligned and I need to torque down some of the bolts more (a couple require ~186 ft-lbs!) and I don't have the torque wrench to get that far.

    Yeah, I like the spoiler but I'm kind of torn on the front bumper since there is no sweet heat exchanger/intercooler behind it. I may eventually swap it back to a Mach 1 setup but this is what came on the car when I bought it so I'm sticking with it for a while. Doubt I'd have any trouble finding someone to trade with haha
  6. Yeah I understand man, I dont want to come off as a douche lol. Still you have a sweet Mach1, what are your plans for it??
  7. No worries man. Right now it's already got a forged 5.0 stroker with built heads, ported long runner intake + spacer, all supporting mods including built transmission and terminator fuel system. I installed an entire bushing kit on the IRS so it should be near bullet-proof and have MM coil-overs on the front with Bilstein's on all corners. The car should put down between 390-400 HP N/A (the previous owner showed me the dyno sheet) but right now I don't think the tune is perfect (has some stalling issues). All that's left is to get a little work done to the exhaust (mid-pipe wasn't a perfect fit so it probably needs some work done because I wouldn't doubt if there is a leak between the connections) and getting it aligned. Which sucks because I'm not going to have any money to do that anytime soon since I'm about to move into a house, so it gets to sit mostly except for some quick trips that won't screw up anything with the unaligned suspension. Eventually I'm going to pull out the piece of crap QA1 k-member and a-arms and replace it with a proper MM setup. Other than that not much...I like the idea of keeping it N/A - lightweight block without a heat soak strapped on the top pushing ~400 hp - I'd say thats enough for me since I'm not drag racer.
  8. The autozone near me had a 250ft lb torque wrench in the loaner tools so you could borrow that for a day or 2. I have been meaning to check the hubs on the IRS with it. I have a few pics in my thread for those who are looking for IRS swap info. I wouldn't say they are great, but between myself and brtnstrns we can give you a great idea of whats in store for those interested.
  9. Maybe it's just the pic but the pipes look completely misaligned (something like that drives me crazy)

    Otherwise it looks killer!
  10. The pipes are misaligned currently on his because I think he's having a slight issue with the mid pipe and cat back fitment. Also it could be the fact that he got this far and said screw it for the time being and I'll fix it later, there has been a time or 2 for me thinking that in mine..
  11. Haha yeah they are misaligned. Trust me, it drives me crazy as well. I've got to take it to an exhaust shop eventually anyway, so I'm going to let them fix it. As txredgt said below, I definitely said screw it after how much trouble I had just assembling the exhaust and having the car sit for so long doing the IRS swap. I just wanted to get it started up and listen to it and get a little street time. Sometime soon, I'll get it aligned properly, put some 4" rolled/slanted tips on it, and take a weekend to polish it to make it look like I actually give a :poo: haha. But for now, I'm just trying to get it drive-able.

  12. I love Mach 1's and I guess I'm a traditionalist. I like them stock right down to the wheels. I was looking for one when I ran across the car I have now. Get that sucker cleaned up. Sounds like a good one.
  13. Just waiting on my claybar to arrive in the mail and a nice warm day!
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  14. I love my car but, man, black is hell to keep clean. It shows dirt that isn't even on it yet. Right now it's spotted up due to a storm and road construction that I got caught in the other day. Looks like I went mud riding.
  15. Looks really good! Love the Cobra spoiler. Whats with the new style Texas plates? I like the last series way better. Why do you guys keep changing them? For such a bold state, the new ones look lame.
  16. wash. yer. ****ing. car.
  17. :doh: re-read the thread