A few questions about pms/twEEcer differences. I searched first :-)

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by William741, Mar 8, 2006.

  1. Ok some of you may have seen my last post. I have the opportunity to buy an '04 series pms/3 bar map sensor for $600. My car will be boosted in the future. I wil also be getting a wideband to go along with either choice.

    My main question is, will i be able to get along w/o datalogging on the pms? Doesnt the tweecer come standard w/ this software?

    Does the pms have the ability to load differenct maf tables? I couldnt find this answer for sure.

    And lastly. Will i be able to get along w/ the stock maf and injectors and have the adjustability w/ the pms?

    To me it looks like the tweecer is far more adjustable but that may be because i can't find alot about in depth pms use. Thanks for any help, Will
  2. You can datalog with the PMS but you need the software upgrade. You can find this on AFM's website. The PMS does monitor sensors, O2's, total timing, Pulse width, RPM, Injectors and lots more while your driving.

    It doesn't matter which injector or MAF is used as long as the MAF is calibrated for the injectors.

    If your tune freak then get a Tweecer. If you want an easier tuning system then get the PMS.
  3. Thanks for the reply. I think im going to go ahead and get a tweecer and look for a laptop used maybe at the local computer store. I really like the idea of being able to datalog w/o having to buy any extra software, and i don't mind reading and taking awhile to learn how to operate it. Thanks, Will
  4. You do know that the PMS can be set up to tune with whatever amount of boost there is right?

    I've gotten by just fine without datalogging. The PMS is easier to tune with...so datalogging isnt a MUST like it is with a tweecer.

    Dont get it confused in thinking since the tweecer can change so much stuff that its "better". Both of them can get to the same goal...they just take different routes.

    Make sure u go to AFM's site and go through the manual of the PMS. It has a lot of cool little features that a Tweecer doesnt offer.
  5. Yeah, I did see that the pms can be tuned for boost as well, and that is a feature that i like a lot as that is what the car will be in the future.

    nmcgraw- I have read that the pms is easier, but i still figured datalogging was handy to have, but i guess its not needed as much, lol. Maybe I am just going to go w/ the pms. I dunno, im not sure if that guy still has the one i was looking at, lol.

    Thanks for all the help, Will