a few ?'s on the 97 Cobra's

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  1. I still think i am going to wait a month or two to put in the gears. I am going for a stock 94 Automatic GT to the Cobra. I can barely handle the car as it is without the gears. I think i am going to continue to make cosmetic upgrades for a little while. I Bought a pillar pod and some autometer gauges from summit that i should get by the end of the week. I think i am going to pick up a short throw shifter in the next few weeks though. Maybe a x-pipe or a h-pipe my gt was really loud and i kindof miss that tough sound.

    Thanks guys for your thoughts
  2. had my 97 for 4 years, have added a few mods during that time. :nice: You will be pleased with your 97. :cheers:
  3. stangbum -- do you have an after cooler and also how much boost are you running?? Just wondering-- i have one and 401 rwhp is amazing. anythign else done?? thanks
  4. BlakeGT, I do not have an aftercooler..was told with what I am running it would really be a waste at that time :shrug: ( I believe it is around $1500 for it, and would ad approx 30-50HP i think)
    Running 8lb boost. Acutually I could have more RWHP but with the MSD the redline? was set at 6500RPMs just to be on the safe side, (I call it "detuning")did not want to have detonation on a bad shift or my bad driving. I did not want to live on the edge, its my daily driver and would rather spend money on upgrades rather than a rebuild. :D
    Everything you see in my sig is what I have had done performance wise :D
  5. stangbum --have you taken your car to the tracks yet? What time have you been running by the way...sweet a## car man. you know what you should try--as far as mods. The snow performance--it injects something into your engine i believe and cools it down..it works better than an aftercooler, yet yields 30-40 rwhp. It's 300bucks plus 200 to install unless you do it your self. Only activates at full throttle.
  6. I have taken it to a track near Atlanta once and went the 1/4 a few times but never got any kind of time slip...so I don't know what she will do, any guesses? 12.5 maybe? I just don't know!!!!!!! :shrug: :shrug:
    Thanks for the props man.. I had thought about trading it for the new Shelby Cobra, (I am still on a list at the local Ford dealership)but I think there will be a horrible mark-up :damnit: So now I am looking for a fox body coupe of some kind(hard to find) and keeping her :nice:
    I have never heard of snow performance, is there a website to go to or some info on this? Sounds interesting :D