A Ford Mustang Attraction Fatale

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  1. It’s a well-known fact many folks from Philly bleed green, but there’s one Ford Mustang fan there in particular who took it a step just a bit further. Nikki Frost knew she was going to get a new Mustang in her future, so she set her sights on a 2013 Mustang GT of a special variety–one which a good friend of hers told her about. No, not some pink one from the Mary Kay reject aisle…nor was it the Grabber Blue (we’re huge fans of this one)…and nope, it wasn’t School Bus Yellow, either.

    Gotta-Have-It-Green was precisely what Nikki was looking for to start her own story. And what a story it’s become since she first grabbed the reins. Her choice modifications started to pour out, and she tapped the likes of Vortech Superchargers, Borla Exhaust, KW Automotive, BMR suspension, Baer brakes, Toyo Tires, and Roadwire (interior) to get her masterpiece rolling.

    Nikki’s green Mustang made a successful special appearance at the SEMA show last fall, placed in the top 3 at the Carlisle Ford Nationals, took Best of Show (interior) at the NMRA Maryland International Raceway Ford Nationals, and nabbed an Award of Excellence at Mustang Week 2013.

    Not bad, Nikki. Not bad at all…

    Head over the MM&FF to take in the rest of this green monster and the accompanying photo gallery.

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