A GAME: List of cars faster than the 05 Mustang GT

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  1. OK 300BHP/Ton, you busted my bollocks on the Escort Coswoth RS, I'm calling you on the Metro, you knobhead, lol.

    1999 Mitsubishi 3000 320HP, 1/4mi 13.44 sec @ 101.79mph According to Car and Driver who tested the GT @ 13.8 sec @ 102 MPH.

    When we say faster than the GT, what standard are we using?
  2. eh?

    The Escort Cossie was a modified road car, a later development of the Seirra (they use the same chassis) and where only made for holomogation purposes for Group A rallying.

    The Metro 6R4 was a Group B rally car (the next level up) I think 500 where made for road use, again for holomogation purposes.

    The 6R4 has a 3.5 liter V6 which in its self is a development of the Rover V8 undertaken by TWR and Rover. In n/a trim it will be producing well over 430bhp (even more some times) in a car weighing about 2200lbs. With 4wd I'd say its more than capable of beating a stock 05 GT.

    The engine later appeared with a couple of turbochargers in the Jaguar XJ220.

    A direct competitor in Group B is my choice for today

    Ford RS200

    After a very spectacular crash into the specatators this car helped seal the fate of the Group B rally supercars.
  3. there is tons, just realized how long this can possibly go on for
  4. yeah, but I think its actually a bit harder than that, once the obvious Vette and Fbody's have been done it really only leaves the ultra expensive supercars. The new Stang is a serious bit of machinary. There's few normal cars that can compete.

    I say keep it going, lets see how many we can think of.
  5. If we are talking 1/4 mile then the 1964 Ford Fairlane Thunderbolt.
    (it will probably beat most of the cars listed as well)

    This is an intresting thread. It seems that if you want to beat an 05 other then a few exceptions (F-body, 03/04 Cobra) you'll have to go out and drop
    some serious cash.
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  7. 2001 TVR Tuscan Speed 6

    390 HP, 330 ft/lb torque, 4 liter inline 6 engine.

    0-100mph: 9.6 seconds

  8. 1993-1998 (2002 outside US) Toyota Supra turbo
  9. Lets play a better game

    Name every car COOLER than the mustang

    *listens to crickets*
  10. :lol: :lol: I don't think anything could ever compete with that craftsmanship. Wow...Yea that downforce must be insane, expecially when it tops out at 65mph
  11. This ones pretty close but I think it may just pull it off!

    Thrust SSC


    Concerning rrobello post below check this link out and see how fast the Evo IX (that's 9) is compared to the Mustang and others. Click here

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  12. ok I hate to chime in here because I dont want to ruin the game because this will probably spark a debate, but the Sti and EvoVIII and the Supra are at best drivers races, I have beaten several on several different occassions, the closest being the last EVOVIII, had him the whole way but he was on my door the entire time, I was impressed at his driving because most of those putzs cant drive worth a damn.
  13. In a straight line, my 74' Maverick Grabber, now that would be a fun race!
  14. Skyline GT-R any year
  15. again skyline....uhmmmm no.... the only ones that have anything worth speaking about are the ones that have been modified, either personally or by someone like Nismo or Advan or some aftermarket company for them.....these are the cars that all of you ricers guys think are so fast, they are not stock, stock for stock the skyline is nothing in comparison to most cars. The thing that gives these cars all the hype is that they have the pottential of putting out so much HP with that little engine which is great, but they dont come like that.
  16. 04-05 Caddy CTS-V