A GAME: List of cars faster than the 05 Mustang GT

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  1. Playing by the rules...

    1995 Chevrolet Corvette ZR-1
  2. This is dumb half these cars wouldn't beat stock GT if they started in reverse... lol
  3. 1991-2001 Lamborghini Diablo.
  4. Mosler Raptor

  5. sorry boss but i dont mean to burst your bubble. but i just spent 4 years in japan and also not a ricer, but the skylines come stock the way they are but yes they are easy to modify and have lots a hp. plus they are 4 wheel drive. they will smoke a gt the wasy they both roll out the factory. ive driven the gt-r's, and own a gt. both stock the gt-r wins.
  6. I dont know what you were driving over there in Japan but here are the actual specs of the GT-R R34

    Price: $89,500
    Miles Per Gallon: 14/23 mpg
    Curb Weight: 3395 lbs
    Layout: Front-Engine/AWD
    Transmission: 6-Speed Manual
    Type: Twin-Turbo Inline-6
    Displacement: 2568 cc
    Horsepower: 276 bhp @ 6800 rpm
    Torque: 289 lb-ft @ 4400 rpm

    Redline: 8000 rpm
    0-60 mph: 5.1 sec
    0-100 mph: 13.0 sec
    Quarter Mile: 13.7 sec @ 105 mph
    Skidpad: .89g
    Top Speed: 155 mph
    Braking, 60-0 mph: 121 ft
    Slalom Speed: 68.1 mph

    and just so you know the new R35 is the 350Z, they just have different names in each country, and the 350Z versus the Mustang GT is at best a drivers race. So lets review, the latest Skyline is at best a drivers race, the previous skyline, much less power, and prior ones even less.
  7. "The Skyline GTR was rated at 280 ps (about 276 horsepower) at the flywheel. This figure is given due to the "gentleman's agreement" amongst Japan's automakers. This agreement basically stated that the automakers would not release a car with over 280 ps to the Japanese public.

    In keeping with the agreement, Nissan lied and said that the Skyline GTR only put out 280 ps. However, when strapped to a dyno, it is clear that this number is very low. Figures in the low-to-mid 300 ps range seem to be the norm for the R34 GTR. Despite the already high power output of the stock engine, it is stupid easy to get another few hundred horsepower with no reliability problems. Skylines with over 600 ps roam the streets of Japan everyday, eating Ferraris and Porsches for lunch on the Wangun. You can add that to the list of why we want to live in Japan." - IGN.com


    Now that we are all properly informed...Lets get this thread back on topic.

    Aston Martin V12 Vanquish S
  8. the new skyline is not the 350z. that is a fairlady. just like the old one. just a new model. the new skyline. for the states any ways. is the infiniti g35. and is doodoo. nothing compared to the originals. and trust me i own a 05 gt, the own a skyline. the skyline wins by far.
  9. I think we all have something to contribute to this thread, however from now I think you should only contribute NOTHING!

    Ferrari 288 GTO
  10. Um... if you beat a stock MkIV Supra its bcz the driver wasn't racing or he was a complete idiot. Stock they make as much power at the wheels as the new Mustang GT makes at the motor.
  11. yeah this rrobella guy is retarded. he doesnt know what hes talkin about. just like he said the new skyline is the 350z. idiot. he hasnt beat them in a real race. has no chance. any year of the evos would kill a mustang. both stock of course.
  12. Jaguar XKR - would be close but there are ET's out there of 13.4 and quicker.


    An Evo VIII or IX will probably beat a new C6 Vette, take a look at the 0-100-0 thread.

    Ferrari Daytona [email protected], well thats faster than a lot of 05 GT times. With a much higher trap speed, add some modern rubber to the Ferrari and it'd be a walk over.

    1973 Trans Am, this is the SD-455 ie Superduty. Which clocked better ET's than the Ram IV cars from previous years. It would be close, but again add some modern rubber to the TA and it will likely have .3+ tenths on an 05 GT.

    It all depends what you take as being the standard ET for an 05 GT?

    They are all common times

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  13. A few notes:

    -Ferrari Daytona would lose.
    -EVO is a driver's race. A stock EVO runs low 14s.
    -Nissan Skyline R34 GT-Rs are faster, R32s are slower and R33 would be close.
    -It may sound stupid, but the 350Z is the new Skyline...sort of. The 350Z's sister, the Infiniti G35 is badged as the Nissan Skyline R35 in Japan.
    -A 1973 Trans Am would probably lose. It was a pig.
    -1976 Cadillac Eldorado. You're kidding, right? They get 200HP from those 500ci and weigh around 6000 lbs or something stupid like that.
    -Toyota Supra is a tossup. The NA version would lose badly, and the turbo version would be a fair match. The 2JZ has a very narrow powerband that has approximately 3000 usable RPM. These things make absolutely no power until the turbo spools.

    Another tossup is a 1993-1995 Mazda RX-7 R1. Just to be safe, I'll say Acura NSX-R.
  14. I must say, it is pretty clear you have never driven one... it is not that difficult to spool the turbos before launching the car. A stock Supra turbo will beat a stock 05 GT all day, every day. The Supras were underrated by Toyota. They made 300hp at the wheels bone stock (to include the paper airfilter). Show me a stock GT running a 13.1 in the 1/4.
  15. The MACH will beat a stock gt 05

    4v vs 3v

    Mustang 5.0 stated it as well
  16. Well said!! :banana: :nice:
  17. ok last post on the asian cars then let this get back on topic, we can start a new thread to debate it if you would like, as for the Supras, Evos, and STis I was speaking from what I have experienced since I've gotten my 05. I have encountered only 2 Supras both Turbod (unless they just had some cheap blow off valve to make it sound like it, dont know why some people do that, why would you want to represent and then get smoked) since Ive had my 05, both egged me into the race, and both lost, the STis and EVOs havent been a match since I day one of owning the car, except for one guy in an EVO VIII but he still was on by back end of my drivers door the whole way.

    As for the skyline debate, the 350Z and the G35 are pretty much the same car with slight differences and depending on which of the owners you ask they are each faster than the other one. I was about to put G35 as I realize that this is the true namesake, but since the 350Z is Nissan I figured why spark another debate. But saying that, the G35 also isnt faster than the 05GT stock for stock, I know people that own some of those as well. (I am thinking that one of these days I should round up everyone and head to a track to put this stupid debate to rest once and for all, to do our own Car and Driver comparison.) I am aware of the "gentlemans agreement" in Japan and I admit I do not know how tight the government is over there with their inspections to varify that, I would think it would be a little better than that (give them a little credit) especially since they are so strict on emissions and all and you need to swap out your motor once you hit the mileage limit theyve established. But I do know that the Skylines I have all seen in person have all been modified, one belonging to a guy who goes to this Drift meet weekly in town here that my friend goes to with his S14 (yeah I know the rumor is that you can absolutely not import an S14 here, but if you have a half a brain its not that hard, expensive but doable). This guy has told me that he had to do all of his mods to get to the power he was cranking out, he said that he bought it from Motorex stock (they used to sell most of their cars modified, but you could get one stock imported from Japan if you wanted to do so) and it definately was closer to the 276 HP when he got it. Another guy there has the RB26 motor (the engine in the Skyline R34 GTR) dropped into his 240SX and with a couple of mods he has done he is barely putting out over 300 HP on the dyno. The Skylines in the UK that have the reported 328 HP have been slightly modified from stock before reaching the UK with modified camshafts, improving the valve timing and a new stainless steel exhaust system creating an even more reduced back pressure and even then it would come down to more of a drivers race and the Skyline stock wouldnt smoke the 05 Mustang GT.

    The S14 is a big POS by the way.
  18. and as far as being a retard and not ever actually beating any of these cars you guys should probably learn to drive first instead of claiming that those cars are faster just because you cant beat them.....I have several tuner friends who are pissed because their cars arent what everyone hyped them all to be and what they thought they were, but since I started hanging with them and making them back up there supposed numbers both on the street and dyno, they still like their cars and are just more level headed about them instead of thinking that they are Ferrarri slayers.

    And to add another kill to the list, last weekend I beat a NSX with one guy in it, while I had myself two friends and an ice chest full of food, beer, soda, and ice in the trunk. He reved on me at speed and then we stopped at a light on PCH with no one in front of us in Huntington Beach. While stopped we chatted about the cars and he asked if I wanted to go, so we did, light changed and I launched getting a good jump on him at the light (he was on my rear wheel well the whole way) and I held it the whole way, next stop he could only say "man thats fast....and you have a car full of people too."
  19. Are you stock or running an SC, cause that can make a difference in how fast your car is you know :)
  20. LOL! He's either got a power adder or every other driver out there sucks... :D