A GAME: List of cars faster than the 05 Mustang GT

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  1. 1995 Cobra R

    I can't believe no one has posted this one yet.
  2. currently I have the K&N intake, no mufflers, and steeda shifter and thats it as far as the performance mods go, the K&N was only on for the NSX, the EVOs and the STis were from day one and one Supra before any mods, although I dont think these mods give me that big of an advantage especially when you consider the Supras have turbos (I know thats stock)
  3. wow. quit racing retards that dont know how to drive. and all that about the skyline. like i said i owned one. i spent four years over there. and own an 05 gt now. the gt-r any year they are all the same except different bodies. the engine is the same but a few things changed through the years. if u get one in japan. dont buy from motorex. go get ur own. u can ship them back to the states in a crate for around 1500 bux. i know some people that did. plus i dont know much about the evo 8s. but all the other ones would smoke the 05 also. look up the stagea. that is one car noone knows about. it has the rb26 in it. but its a station wagon. also would take the 05.
  4. well I guess in that case only retards buy those cars.... because so far the people I have encountered have either really slow cars or are the worse drivers on the planet....either way it doesnt say much for those cars' fan base now does it.
  5. 2005 Chrysler Crossfire Srt-6 Coupe
  6. nissan stagea rs any year.
  7. Damn, not a car but what smeg it'd still win.

    RAF Sea Harrier


    They used one of these to lap the Top Gear test track it did it in 30 seconds!

    A Fast car can do it in about 1 min 30 seconds. And a Formula 1 car in about a minute
  8. I havn't heard that name in a while, my cousin was one of thier engineers and now owns a shop in CA to service them, probably the only shop that services Vectors.
  9. the black one has a r34 front end conversion i have never seen one with that done yet. it looks bad ass.

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  10. a stock sti would trap at what, 99-100mph???
    i don't know about the evo, but for what i've read, is trapping a bit higher than the sti.
    a stock 05 mustang gt is trapping at 98-101mph, at least for the ones i've seen at fontana speedway.

    stock for stock, definetly a drivers race as long as the 05 gt can keep up with the awd launch.

    i don't know about supras, cause i never raced one.
  11. [​IMG]

    I win. Space Shuttle beats all.
  12. You go to the Street Legals or the ALternative at Fontana?
  13. 99 Z28, silver in color, a4, 118,000 miles, couple of boltons and 315's on the way :rlaugh: :rlaugh:

    :nice: gp001 :hail2:

    someone's watching gp.........work on that 60' :damnit:
  14. WHAT???????? I got a 2.1 my first time out with this car and some tires. Almost as good as your 60' WITH A GIRLY AUTOMATIC
  15. OH! Thats right, sorry. Maybe those 50cent size wheels are slowing yo down yo.... :rlaugh:

    Yes, I know I have a girl car. Good thing my ground pounder has a 5 speed.

    Lets keep things on track.

    1967 L88 CORVETTE
  16. 2005 Mustang GT w/ pipe
  17. both, i was there on apr18 for the alternative private rental, after that, i've been there a couple of times for their street legal races.
    i've seen 4 05 gt's including your car running low 14's in stock trim in this track. i ran [email protected] on apr18 (alternative private race), last time [email protected] that was before the catted prochamber.
    you were always racing against that silver fbody, i know now friend of yours.
    all of them were 5 speed. my cousin told me your car was running faster now, he saw you running [email protected] mph.